Fiat Reveals Price and Specifications of the 500L MPW

Fiat Reveals Price and Specifications of the 500L MPW

Fiat has just unveiled the 500L MPW with a base price of £15,795. This seven seated Multi Purpose Wagon is currently the largest in Fiat’s 500 Series while superior trim levels are on offer in high end models. A five seated design was used in the previous generation while Fiat has introduced seven seats on this year’s variant. Lounge and Pop Star are the two varied trim levels on this car while a 5+2 seated vehicle, on offer previously was axed.

General configuration list of the Pop Star includes air conditioning, a 5 inch touch screen, cruise control, rear parking sensors, six air bags along with 16 inch alloyed rims. The higher priced Lounge consists of fog lamps, rear power windows, dual zone automated climate control, automated head lamps, rear storage nets, electric sunroof and privacy glass at the back.

The drive train consists of a 1.4 liter petrol engine displacing 95 BHP along with a 1.3 liter MultiJet diesel engine displacing 85 BHP. A smaller yet efficient 0.9 liter petrol engine displaces 105 BHP while the biggest engine of the lot is a 1.3 liter Multi Jet displacing 105 BHP. Drive parameters of this car are better than most MPVs around us and a sense of urgency is felt while the pedal is floored.

This car is quick compared to MPV standards while interior trim levels vary according to personal choice. The high end Lounge starts at a base price of £17,295 while prices can go up to £17,990. Fiat has worked hard on its 500 Series and the end results are here. Positive results and reactions are expected from audiences this time and credit goes solely to the designing and engineering departments.

Fiat has aimed this vehicle based on the needs of the European and North American markets although it could be sold in parts of China as well. The Fiat 500 L MPW is a large sized vehicle, with sufficient space on its interior. Handling has improved quite a bit in the positive direction which makes the new MPW unique in its class.

A varied engine list ensures that people can find something or the other according to their choice which accordingly enhances demand. Exterior wise, this car has received quite a load of cosmetic changes which makes it look like an oversized hatchback. Although this vehicle has not gone over the top with designing and weight, it is on the heavier side of the balance. Despite a lot of modifications, this car is still an MPW and handles like a refined version of one.

Seven seated MPVs are quite common nowadays and this is owed mainly to the increase in fuel prices. People are using this type of vehicle for commuting as well as on commercial basis. Although fuel efficiency is lesser than that of most family vehicles, additional space makes up for the lack in efficiency. This makes for quite an interesting vehicle choice in real world conditions and people are actually opting for MPVs.

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