Fiat Panda Hybrid and 500 Hybrid (2020) - Auto Types Fiat Panda Hybrid and 500 Hybrid (2020) - Auto TypesAuto Types

Fiat Panda Hybrid and 500 Hybrid (2020)

Fiat donates the compact Panda and 500 economical mild hybrid technology!

In anticipation of a purely electric 500, Fiat is already launching a mild hybrid technology for the Panda and 500. For example, a 70 hp / 92 Nm strong 1.0-liter FireFly petrol engine gets the help of an electric motor and a small lithium-ion battery that try to recover energy while driving / braking. If possible, the three-cylinder engine will even be switched off for a short time (below 30 km / h).

According to Fiat, the 500 Hybrid and Panda Hybrid with the new mild hybrid technology are good for a fuel saving of 20% to 30% compared to the 69 hp 1.2 petrol engine. Although official consumption / emissions figures remain secret for a while.

In February the first 500 Hybrids will be at the distributor, the Panda Hybrids will follow shortly thereafter. Fiat puts the newcomers in the spotlight with a Launch Edition in which the Italian city cars come in the special Verde Rugiada body color with a seat cover (Seaqual Yarn) made from recycled plastic.

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