Fiat India Launches New Campaign

The company Fiat India Automobiles Ltd has decided to start a completely different type of ad campaign. The ad campaign is meant to show a picture of the bond which India and Fiat share. It was created by Maxus and shows commercials which show both the vibrant and colorful cultural festivities from India and the Italian style and features which Fiat displays. The ads also focus on the technology that Fiat brings to the Indian auto market.

The CEO and President of the company Fiat India prepared a statements saying that the new campaign would serve to solidify the commitment which Fiat has made to the auto market in India and that the campaign had been especially developed in order to show the emotions and values that India brings to the connection between Italy and India.

The CEO/president also stated that the Italian company holds the same values dear as the Indian consumers do, which will serve to make it a lucrative investment on both sides. During the coming festive season, Fiat will be sharing and celebrating together with the Indians.

The campaign commercials first started on the 21st of September this year and the radio and print campaigns, along with the digital media campaigns began earlier on the 10th of September. The senior vice president of the commercial side of operating at Fiat India said that the investment was in more than just a campaign and that Fiat feels deeply connected with India and wishes to show this with its campaign during these festivities.

The senior vice president also commented about the creative direction Fiat was going with the campaign, saying that the campaign was not made because of the festive season; rather the festive season serves as a kind of background for the campaign. The actual campaign is about more than festivities, it is about finding a way to connect with India in a more contemporary and meaningful way.

Fiat India has decided to fuel the campaign with a variety of special offers and deals which have started this month and will continue until the end of October in order to ensure that everyone interested will have a change to enjoy the special discounts and benefits offered by the campaign.
Some of the main benefits include deals such as a Fiat Linea with an Rs 130,000 discount and the Fiat Punto with an Rs 75,000 discount. The consumers who are interested will also be able to trade in their old vehicles upon purchasing their new ones. They will also be able to enjoy a fantastic 50 months on the roads with special assistance packages during the entire first year.

The CEO of Fiat India explained that from what he had been able to see so far in the country, India was not so much interested in the cheapest more economy priced vehicles, rather they are looking to get great value for their money, even if it means spending a bit more. He did not share details about what the marketing campaign would cost, but he did comment that it was totally worth it to advertise during the festivities, in order to gain credibility in the lucrative Indian market.

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