Fiat and Mazda to produce the new Roadster

It has been recently revealed that Fiat and Mazda will be manufacturing a Roadster which will be inspired by the looks of MX-5. Both the car companies have entered into a partnership for this deal.

Roadster Alfa Romeo will be unique and it will be different from the Mazda car. Its sleek design will be iconic and the people who will be riding this car will be entertained with a rear wheel journey. Other than this, another thing that will distinguish both versions from each other will be their engine specifications.

Mazda and the Alfa Romeo will be manufactured in Japan and it has been reported that the manufacturing of Alfa Romeo will end in the beginning of the year 2015. The Chief Executive Officer of Fiat named Sergio Marchionne said that their partnership with Mazda states that they are committed to make the AR and it is expected that this brand will attract a lot of customers towards it.

Not only nationally, but it will also be targeting customers globally. Mazda as we all know is a recognized brand of vehicle in the automotive industry and thus, they shall be fully cooperating with it in order to provide a rear wheel drive to the savvy consumers. He also said that Mazda is also collaborating with them in the similar way and it is expected that their healthy relations will going to be continued in the future too.

Other reports have revealed this too that the new model will be the new version of the legendary Romeo Spider. The very 1st design for Spider was firstly unleashed in the year 2010 at the Geneva Motor show.
Professional engineers from Fait and Mazda are conducting research and studies in order to successfully create a vehicle that is light weighted, classy, stylish and sleek. Architecture of the MX-5 will be taken as a base for producing the new Roadster.

It has been reported that both the companies are looking forward to prolong their partnership and for that they have planned to work in Europe too.

Chief Executive Officer of Mazda Takashi Yamanouchi said that as Mazda has always strived for developing such products that are a great blend of technology therefore, their partnership with Fiat will also be based on this claim and they will be manufacturing the new Roadster with the same objective. He also said that they are much excited to be working together with Alfa Romeo that will lead them towards the manufacturing of the new Roadster.

Chief Executive Officers of both Fiat and Mazda have also said that they have planned to partner so that they could share the expenses related to R & D thus minimizing the cost burdens.

Though both CEOs of the companies have said that this car will become a global brand but still it is not confirmed that whether it will be marketed in the United States of America or not. Expectations of the savvy consumers are at their peak. We will have to wait till the right time comes.

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