Ferrari Portofino: Impressive GT with folding roof

Ferrari Portofino: Impressive GT with folding roof

Ferrari surprised with the Portofino, a powerful GT with steel folding roof. It is the successor to the Ferrari California, which has been living as updated California since 2014. The Portofino may be a Gran Turismo, the 600 hp V8 allows a sprint of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

The Ferrari Portofino is not only faster than the model it replaces, the Italians also promise a lower weight and an increase in rigidity. This should contribute to improved driving characteristics. The V8 turbine engine is further developed and delivers 40 hp more than in the California T.

The Portofino is also equipped with an electronic rear differential, for more grip when accelerating bends. Also the steering becomes sharper without the car getting straight on straight pieces.

With folding roof

The Ferrari Portofino is an open GT with a steel folding roof. The execution of this is so great that you have to look twice in closed mode to see that it’s not a real coupé. The Portofino design is more in line with the current Ferrari’s, where California was clearly different at that time.

Inside, the current Ferrari trend is well visible. The dashboard looks tight and simple, but looks very high at the same time. The Portofino is a 2 + 2-seat with limited space for rear passengers. However, these passengers have more legroom relative to the California T.

The Ferrari Portofino is debuting at the IAA in Frankfurt. Prices are announced at a later stage.

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