Ferrari pays tribute to Pininfarina Sergio with a new car

Ferrari pays tribute to Pininfarina Sergio with a new car

The Pininfarina Sergio which was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show that has recently concluded has been launched as a tribute to the style designer of the company who died unfortunately last year. It is a great car that comes from the house of the speed monster.

The engine of the car is located in the mid section of the car. The car is completely based on the evergreen Ferrari Spider 458. This is undoubtedly a great car. The car has not been able to set similar standards as the Ferrari 458 Spider. This car has an all new carbon fiber body that has a very traditional Pininfarina styling with a touch of futuristic features. This car is surely expected to make a name in future.

An amazing feature of the car is its design. The car has no windscreen. The bonnet of the car pushes the air flow over the head of the passengers so that there is an artificial windscreen created by the wind itself. This may sound risky but it is not. The wind passes over the head and causes no turbulence effect for the passengers.

A wing has been inserted on the front bumper which reduces the pressure of the aerodynamic model due to the lack of a proper windscreen. The entry to the car is through half doors. The doors rotate in the opposite direction at an angle of 45 degrees. Due to the lack of a windscreen it is advised that the passengers wear a crash helmet for safety. The helmets are kept in a compartment in the doors.

The rear view mirrors have been designed to keep the wind away from the head of the passengers. The roll bar behind the seats of the passengers acts as a stabilizer to the car. They create a downward force that keeps the car from going off the ground.

The car is fitted with 21 inch alloy wheels and LED lights in the rear. The seats of the car are newly equipped. The interiors of the car look similar to the Spider 458. The engine cover has holes that are found in every Pininfarina design. The car has been provided with a new dashboard cover.

This car is smaller in size and more compact compared to the 458. This leads to a weight reduction in the car by 150 kg. This leaves the car with an overall weight of 1280 kg. The car has massive torque and can reach speeds of 63 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

At the motor show this car was a lot to talk about. It is expected that this car could be a limited edition car. The weight is low which enables the car to be faster at lower torque. The carbon fiber body of the car makes it look amazing. The car is undoubtedly a great tribute to the designer.

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