Ferrari Lifts the Curtains off the Limited Edition 458 Speciale at Frankfurt This Week

Ferrari Lifts the Curtains off the Limited Edition 458 Speciale at Frankfurt This Week

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles from Ferrari till date and an only thing better than a 458, is an aerodynamic 458. Ferrari has just revealed the 458 Speciale, an aerodynamic and light weight version of its Italia. This vehicle resembles the 430 Scuderia and the Challenge Stradale quite well and could also be treated as its successor quite well. Ferrari claims that this car features the most powerful V8 designed by Ferrari yet. Ferrari’s CEO Luca Montezemolo claims that this engine is capable of displacing a ‘modest 562 BHP’ while accelerating from 0 – 60 MPH within 3.4 seconds.

The engine bears a compression ratio of 14: 1 while additional components include a higher rift cam, better intake geometry along with enhanced power displacement. Torque figures on this car make it completely menacing on road while Ferrari’s calm and composed attitude plays along to give this car quite a balanced feel on road.

Ferrari has used light weight materials on the interior and exterior and they facilitate better movement, agility and fuel efficiency. Power to weight ratio on this car is pretty modest, which makes it a better sports car than the standard version. This vehicle is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 while Ferrari claims that this is the most powerful of the lot.

The 458 Speciale weighs about 2844 pounds while additional discs from Brembo lend the extra mile when it comes to confidence regarding speeding. Cruising close to 95 MPH, the vehicle felt no repercussions whatsoever and this gives a general idea of the basics of this car. Lightweight, efficient, fast and agile – these are its primary characteristics and these make it similar to most Formula One vehicles.

Ferrari confirms that this car has spent most of its time in the wind tunnel and the engineers are confirmed that results are set to be satisfying. Ferrari claims that this vehicle is typically designed for drivers who are looking forward to exceptional drive dynamics and this vehicle has been designed to offer exactly what people need. Ferraris are known for being perfect vehicles to tackle mid life crisis and speed, comfort, reliability and power are some of the pretty basic needs which people look for while investing.

Handling a Ferrari has always been simplistic although the engineers have gone ahead of themselves with their latest 458 Speciale. This car is marvelous on road and experts believe that Ferrari should come up with Limited Edition vehicles more often. This car has been termed as the best Limited Edition from the company so far and future vehicles could show resemblances to this car.

High speed e-differentials have been added to make the ride generally safe and smooth while additional inputs such as an aerodynamic kit, Michelin Pilot sports tires, and light weight cabin and high performing brakes from Brembo makes sure that this car is the best in class. Ferrari has been testing this car on track and the results have been fruitful so far.

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