Ferrari F80: Extreme Supercar From Designer Adriano Raeli

Ferrari F80: Extreme Supercar From Designer Adriano Raeli

There are designers whose imagination goes beyond the most radical models ever launched by car manufacturers. Ferrari F80 is one of the potential ideas that could revolutionize car design once they are on the road.

The Geneva Motor Show 2013 was one of the most spectacular events of this type for fans of ultrasportive models. Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini have shown off muscles in a duel for supremacy, and the models that the three major brands have taken to the public in the spring of last year is evidence that the extreme design and its cutting edge technology can be placed on series models, even if the word “series” is a forced word in this regard.

This was how the Ferrari LaFerrari, 963 horsepower supercar, that Ferrari produced in 499 copies, McLaren P1, absolute expression of the car, according to the British, and especially the Lamborghini Veneno, a car produced in only 3 copies, and whose price is 3.6 million euro, were born.

Just as expected, the new models and the courage shown by the three automakers put the fans’ imagination at work. And from here to supercars drawn on paper, which exceed the effect of even the most extreme automotive reproductions, was only a step.

It’s the case of the Italian Adriano Raeli, who imagined a fantastic supercar whose only purpose seems to have been the humiliation of LaFerrari. Its name: Ferrari F80.
Compared with the three series models of the spring of 2013, the Ferrari F80 seems a car worthy of science fiction movies. Everything is taken to the extreme, but the basic rule stating that designing a car must make sure it can travel on real world roads. So have four wheels, mirrors, windshield taillights and all functional elements of a car. But, how they designed the shape and positioning are completely original. As for the rest of the car, let the pictures speak.

But, the designer Adrian Raeli is not limited to the aesthetic part. He also imagined the technical areas of the machine. Thus, we find that the Ferrari F80 benefits from a hybrid powertrain that produces 1,200 horsepower by combining a combustion engine with a KERS system taken directly from Formula 1.

Also, the petrol engine does not have 12 cylinders, but is a twin turbo V8 engine that ousts 900 horsepower. Just as expected, a virtual concept does not pay tribute to engineers, as it happens in real life, so that the 800 kilograms announced by designer are propelled from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.2 seconds, and top speed is one without boundaries: 500 km / h.

Adriano Raeli is from Italy, but has traveled and lived in many places across the world. “I am accustomed to change and am very open-minded to new and different things. This has definitely had a positive influence in the way I design cars and products and the way I communicate with the people around me.”

He continues, “I have a great passion for Cars, Design, Innovative Engineering and Cutting Edge Technology. I believe the ideation stage is very important but I feel like the final design and the way it makes people feel it’s the most important factor of design.”

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