Ferrari Brought Five Special Models To Paris To Celebrate 70 Years In Big Style!

Ferrari Brought Five Special Models To Paris To Celebrate 70 Years In Big Style!

Ferrari presented five special editions of interesting supercars based on the brand’s most popular models, each model dedicated to a personality in the history of the Italian brand.
To celebrate 70 years of history, the Italians from Ferrari have delighted the public present at the Motor Show in Paris with five special versions of their most popular models.

The completion of a number of years is a milestone for any automaker and each one chooses to celebrate as they know better. Among those who really know how to mark a turning point, we can certainly mention the Italians at Ferrari.
Alongside the LaFerrari Aperta, the manufacturer from Maranello presented at the Paris Motor Show no more than 5 special versions of the most popular models produced by their factories. Ferrari modified a 488 GTB, a California T, two 488 Spider and a F12berlinetta, each honoring a person who has left their mark in the 70 year history of the brand.

We will discuss them in this order and begin with the 488 GTB model, built to honor the seven times F1 world champion Michael Schumacher. Simply called “The Schumacher”, the car has been painted in the specific Ferrari red race cars color with two white stripes on the ceiling and emblems stating that the model is a special edition.

The second model, the T California, is called “The Steve McQueen”, needless to say to whom it is dedicated. The theme closely observes the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso’s from 1963, which was received by the legendary Steve McQueen as a gift from his wife.

The first models 488GTB Spider, also known as “The Green Jewel”, has been, as the name suggests it, painted in a special shade of green, just like the Ferrari 365 P2 that belonged to the David Piper Racing Team. That model, with Piper at the wheel, won the Kyalami 9 hour endurance race in 1965 and 1966.
The fourth special edition is based on a 488GTB all Spider, and has been called “Tailor Made”. This model copies the aesthetic details of the 375MM car in 1953, and has 3 layers of Bianco Italia color and the famous blue stripes.

Last but not least, is the strongest of them all, due to the V12 under the hood. This special edition named “The Stirling” is based on F12 Berlinetta and honors the unique Striling Moss and his 250 GT SWB Berlinetta that won the Tourist Trophy in 1961. The copy is painted in Blu scuro, it has a horizontal white stripe on the underside of the bonnet and white washer on the doors specific to racing cars.
The 5 special versions were presented in premiere at the Paris Motor Show, and at the end of the event, the cars will embark on a 1 year world tour throughout 60 countries .

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