Ferrari Brings Only 80 Copies of 2011 SA Aperta

As one of the top rated car manufacturing companies Ferrari is always trying to bring innovative technologies to upgrade available car models. To decorate all vehicles with next generation design technology Ferrari designers and engineers are working hard. They have proved themselves with their creative thinking on the development of 2011 SA Aperta. The main theme to develop this car model is Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary which is one of the popular design houses in Italy. To honor this design house the manufacturer has planned to develop only 80 copies of 2011 SA Aperta.

The manufacturer has made a new foot print on their production line up with the release of SA Aperta which is really an exceptional convertible. The term “SA” stands strongly to represent Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina. He is an Italian coachbuilder who has designed several exclusive car models for Ferrari over the years. The word “Aperta” stands to represent open in Italian. Ferrari is going to develop only 80 copies of such model, and it is just to show honor to the designer’s 80th anniversary.
This newly developed concept from Ferrari seems more likely 599 GTO convertible in its road performance and driving impressions. Body design structure and its driving elements show that it is the real sports car, and as a sports car this car model has already shown a great performance. Anyone would have ultimate driving pleasure with maximum velocity.

According to sources the car model 2011 SA Aperta is featured with a powerful V-12 engine. This engine is capable of generating 661 bhp. You will also get top quality suspension system to reduce road jerking. At the same time you will get top most safety and security with this newly developed car model.

Image views show that 2011 SA Aperta has got an elite exterior designing. As a sports car it is designed as flat and light in weight. Its front fascia design is really exceptional and the rear is kept a little bit shorter than its front fascia. Its top hood can be kept open.

It is so much easy to cover it with its roof. Strong color ascent has made it highly popular to the customers. Overall combination is really perfect to reduce air drag. At the same time it has also reduced fuel cost. To obtain better flow separation its aerodynamic shape design is enough. Alloy wheels fit nicely with any season tires. Light weight has given it ultimate driving flexibility. Headlights are kept in the front of this vehicle model, and top quality maintained to develop its lighting has ensured high area coverage at night. Heated mirrors are enough to ensure back side obstacles.

Interior of this vehicle model are the real surprise from the manufacturer. It is providing only two seating space for passengers. Ferrari has released this car model in a compact design style with all improved driving elements. Highly cushioned leathered seating option is the first choice for any customer. Leather coated steering wheel ensures better driving without any slippery action. Other mentionable features are improved navigation system, high quality sound system, flexible axle and top notch suspension system.

Its pricing is a great issue to most of the customers. As a compact sporty price tag of this new concept will be a little bit high than the normal one.

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