Everyone, meet the new Kia Niro

Everyone, meet the new Kia Niro

Just a couple of days left until the public unveiling of the new Kia Niro at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 10th of September is very important date for the Kia fans who will certainly will be part of the public debut of the new Kia Niro.

Exactly as the name suggests it, the vehicle’s roof and windows’ surroundings include stainless steel sections. There is a possibility that the new SUV concept indicated an upcoming b-segment contender which will be absolutely prepared to hit the urban roads.

It seems that the new vehicle features a new and totally improved powertrain which will be presented to the public on the 10th of September. Perhaps just a coincidence, but the new Kia Niro has actually been designed very close from the IAA, in the design studio of Kia Frankfurt and all was lead by Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer for Europe.

Similar to the new Kia Soul, Kia Niro seems to be equipped with a more withdrawn variant of the latest Cee’d platform and as the company has already stated, it will include the latest, innovative powertrain.

We even foresee a hybrid set up comparable to the Provo notion which will feature a turbocharged 1.6 GDI engine. Also counting on other characteristics and on a powerful electric motor, it should be able to reach 246bhp and on demand four wheel drive.

Kia Niro looks very stylish but it was certainly intended to create an even bolder look which comes from a mixture of substantial and strong materials which feature those smooth stainless steel trim elements. The new vehicle was build and designed by taking into account the general European preferences. Therefore, it is a product for the European market, at least so far.

The interior was designed with an incredible large, central screen which will include all the switches, also, differently designed, the gearbox and the driving mode switches are build into two grab handles.

The slightly diminished size for a SUV is the clue that has made us think that it was specially designed for Europe as the European drivers are always looking for compact, amazing cars but in small size as space is definitely an issue. It is very likely that the European customers would prefer Kia Niro to some other models in the same range: Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke or Ford EcoSport.

One main reason drivers might choose Niro is the impressive, Lamborghini inspired scissor doors, although the selling series might not feature them but which point out the fact that Kia Niro might also compete with Mini Paceman or Suzuki Grand Vitara GV3 three doors.

We are all very excited to find out further characteristics of the new Kia Niro at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The very edgy and tenacious car has already been declared as superior to Hyundai and the company trust that this new vehicle to take the sales figures to another level, creating a high demand on other markets too.

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