Europe's Safest Car: The Chinese Qoros 3

Europe’s Safest Car: The Chinese Qoros 3

This bit of info surprised everyone: the safest car of 2013 is a Chinese car! At least as far the Europeans are concerned. This little piece of machinery managed to score top marks on the safety tests thus managing to blow everyone away – we even suspect some of the folks involved in its making were surprised too.

Perhaps this might be a fluke, but we like to believe that this occurrence is the first of a long line to come. As already mentioned, the Qoros 3 scored a 5 star rating in the Euro NCAP test, managing to outperform all other vehicles tested this year, and rank as one of the safest cars ever to be tested in Europe.

Going into details, we find that the car is rated at 95 percent adult protection and 87 percent child protection. The safety assistance systems are also rated pretty high at 81 percent while the pedestrian protection level was rated at 77 percent. Overall, we have an amazing rating of 88 percent safety in the Qoros 3.

On top of that, the car also received the NCAP thumbs-up for its robust passive safety equipment, passenger cell as well as child restraint safety.
The NCAP tests are carried out to give potential buyers an idea of how well protected they would be in car. 7 European governments are backing this organization up together with motoring and consumer groups all over Europe.

The success scored by the Qoros 3 is all the more amazing seeing that just a few years ago other Chinese models barely managed to secure a 1 star rating (like the B6 sedan, back in 2007). In just that short amount of time, one upstart Chinese company learned the lesson well and can actually give lessons in the art of car safety.

However, the reason behind this car’s outstanding performance is in fact… German engineering. The masterminds behind the model are Audi, Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes engineers. On top of know-how, the company also has close ties with top tier parts suppliers like Continental, Bosch, Magna, Valeo and Getrag.

For those of you, who passed over its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this year, know that the car is compact sedan that is completely unlike any other Chinese car you heard about. Well, its price tag is also an indication of that – after all 16,000 Euros is not exactly cheap.

Is has a roomy interior, and some high-tech stuff inside it like the in-house developed 8 inch touchscreen. Though it you can access the infotainment system, also a brainchild of the company. It comes as standard across the range.

The car is powered by an efficient 4 cylinder engine displacing 1.6 liters which comes in 2 versions. The first one is a naturally aspired unit that delivers 126 horses and 155 Nm of torque. The second is a turbocharged unit offering 210 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. A 6 speed manual box is standard and an optional 6 speed dual clutch transmission is available for both motorizations.

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