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Establishment of New Faurecia R and D centre

A brand new car is incomplete without the knowledge of equipment supplier. The leading automotive equipment supplier in the market named as Faurecia has recently established its new R & D centre in Pune. This is just because the company has added another feature to this cap. The inauguration of the R & D centre will take place on 21st June 2012.

Full name of this automotive equipment supplier is Taco Faurecia Design Centre (TFDC). The organization has got specialization in the field of engineering, development and situating efforts for auto equipments. There will be new facilities for different auto owners and dealers. The company will have every developmental effort in getting the equipments stimuli zed.

Due to the establishment of this new R and D wing, the establishment will work harder to satisfy people with better facilities in the vehicle for future. Vehicle will be made safer for the drivers and owners willing to drive in risky roads. A cleaner and safer vehicle will always be wonderful for all the drivers. This is the effort taken forward by Taco Faurecia Design Centre (TFDC).

The establishment of TFDC is done in the year 2004. It has got a partnership with Tata Auto Comp system limited. The organization has become so successful that it now works for 23 such R & D centers for design and development with 10 countries in the world. The organization has got qualified engineers, technicians, designers who are working really hard to launch various developmental programs around the globe.

The experience of making developmental parts has also been shown in the countries like, Japan, Korea, China, Asia etc. Even the branches have been extended to America and Europe. The organization has got vital plans to make an increase in engineering program. The experts have got program management capabilities by offering purchase, quality, purchase and IT. Apart from expansion of business, this India based automaker has developed their presence as industrial age.

There are different planning stages and development associated with this world class company. Another such efficient plant is going to be developed by TFDC. The customers in India associated with the company have purchased the vehicle in Volkswagen, Maruti Suzuki etc.

Faurecia had moved the other supplies due to their manufacturing quality in vehicles which have light weight. The environmental performance in vehicle can be increased as and when there is a weight reduction in the vehicle. The series of concept associated with Faurecia will definitely help the vehicle with weight reduction technology. The organization has kept no loop hole in the technique of reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

The exterior portion of the vehicle is made in such an order that the owner will have a benefit of improved safety along with the weight reduction technique. They are working in each module to make wonderful products with innovative materials. The experts are successful in reduction of weight by 25% to 30%. The facility for emission control is also been organized inside the vehicle body parts.

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