Enjoy an Amazing Sight at Tokyo Motor Show

Enjoy an Amazing Sight at Tokyo Motor Show

One of the marvelous developments that Japan has been doing nowadays is the production of numerous cars and their latest technologies which are also getting popularity worldwide. To display their latest development, the Tokyo motor show is being held once in every year where there almost all latest and updated models are displayed so that people can get awareness on what the latest trend in car technologies is going on.

This year, the models that are going to be displayed by young Japanese are discussed below. These models are prepared by young and youthful Japanese and are considered as weird and wonderful concept cars. Let’s see what’s going to be happen this year in the fabulous Tokyo motor show.

1. Displays by Honda
In order to get the lightest weight and to keep this model unique of all, Honda’s EV-STER has been designed with the host of materials such as electric roadster. In this latest technology, carbon fiber has also been used to keep its weight down. It is not sure yet that whether this car will get the same popularity over Europe or not but it is confirmed that electronic car lovers in Japan will definitely opt for this latest technology along with a 660cc petrol engine.

2. MAZDA’s new achievement
With the help of this amazing technology, MAZDA wants to spread an awareness among its clients and customers that how its saloon will look in the upcoming future. The latest model TAKERI is equipped with almost all latest facilities of a modern car including ELOOP breaking system. Also a new diesel engine system has been designed for this model to meet the required standards.

3. European’s participation in Tokyo motor show
VW CROSS COUPE has been brought to this show from Europe because not all European car manufacturers can visit Tokyo again and again to take part in car display shows. The model is a bit similar to the latest model of Land Rover. The vehicle has short front along with a four door coupe. A small petrol engine has been designed with a total power of 265bhp. The whole system is hybrid based and is run by two electric motors.

4. Latest invention made by SUZUKI
This year, SUZUKI is going to display its latest small car Suzuki’s Regina which has been designed to meet the worldwide consumption. The whole model has been designed with high tensile steel components and thus has a weight of 730kg only. Also an 800cc turbo engine is going to add another wonderful feature to this superb model.

5. BMW-The choice of race lovers
Activehybrid5 is BMW’s first hybrid achievement which the company wants to first unveil at Tokyo motor show. This latest model is equipped with the modern 296bhp twin turbo six cylinder engine which is considered as the most reliable and quickest 5-series engine supported by 54bhp electric motor. The price which has been decided for this model is 46,860 pounds.

Apart from this latest hybrid model, BMW is going to display another latest sports car in this show which is called Alpina B3 GT3. This model has race car brakes and does 186mph. This model is specifically designed with plenty of carbon so that the race lovers can get full adventure through it.

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