EK Rallycross: The hugely disappointed Keersmaecker • EK Rallycross: The hugely disappointed Keersmaecker •Auto Types

EK Rallycross: The hugely disappointed Keersmaecker

Michael the Keersmaecker had gone to the Czech Ceska Lipa Autodrom traveled to seasonal beauty to close. And he did it after two qualifying heats in to succeed. During the first heat clocked the fast driver JDK half after chrono champion Isachsen, while in the second qualifying heat fourth time at the tables set behind Isachsen, Hansen and Foust. The difference was very small on the rapid turnover and were handled by hundredths of a second. The Dutchman had already after two heats so assured of its first direct A-final of his career in the highest echelons of the European rallycross.

But after the second heat was going to sign Michael in technical support who assumed that Ford would have propelled traction control.

“Everything here is based on an assumption which I could prove the contrary and even the people of the technical check on my side,” said an enraged De Keersmaeker.

“Just put it all together. All the teams knew that the Czech Republic would be closely monitored. I was well underway and the car was perfect. The bypass circuit is very fast and my experience spoke to my advantage. This time I was the equal of the best. And this notwithstanding I have the whole season give the best of myself, but more than a B-final there was never. The rest is now suddenly become a little slower in view of the tight control and drove everyone suddenly perfect conformity? I do not know and I can not prove. But one thing is certain. I drove compliant. Why am I excluded? After the second heat I had my car for inspection services in the technical committee. When I bought the car from Jernberg was still a display in which everything can be seen. The acceleration. Sweden last year after the rules have changed and there are two displays mounted one of them just for the gears. This potential for fraud on traction control to avoid. In my focus is still an obsolete type of Motec where a cable runs from the gearbox to the display which then in turn connected to the computer.

Therefore, I can technically impossible with traction control drive. Indeed, by that outdated system, I even disadvantage compared to competitors during the starting procedure can even adjust the maximum speed. The fact that I do not have half screen available so they can assume that I may have with traction control row. And rightly so. We then stepped into the technical committee to prove that the order of the wiring in violation may be impossible for us. Our argument was accepted and we received a favorable report on the condition that I had a cable cut. Therefore I could not see which gear I tarried, but I took it but.

“But the document still had to be signed by the president of the committee Offroad, Andy Lasure. And who has refused the evidence of compliance in their own hands because we say his countrymen and he wanted no loss of face suffered. He pulls so the knowledge of the technical committee in doubt and think you are holier than the pope. Then I argued that this earlier in the season has already happened with Habjorg in Division 2 and that it could continue his race. But what good candle and glasses if the owl does not want to see. I was excluded indicating that half hour I had time to lodge a complaint. But by that time the third heat already underway.

I had geared up for a meeting at the last Belgian to leave on stage and you will be thwarted by your own countryman, being Andy Lasure. Apparently he is not impressed by the fact that it is not buttering between JDK and Pauwels Motorsport Racing and possibly he would rather see the first Belgian Duval finish in the European Championship. In any case I will not leave. Only God Can Judge Me “.

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