Eagle Spyder GT - Modern Specs with Classical Charm

Eagle Spyder GT – Modern Specs with Classical Charm

The Jaguar E-Type’s beauty and modern technologies converge in the new Eagle Spyder GT!
Eagle, the British company founded in 1984, has built a reputation for the best restorer of Jaguar E-Type models in the world. The title may sound arrogant, but is justified with the praise they received for their creations made in East Sussex. Jeremy Clarkson himself said in the BBC Top Gear show that the Eagle Speedster is the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. What more can you want?

There are very emotional considerations the Eagle manages to stir every time when they produce a model. Eagle’s recipe is one that cannot possibly fail to resonate with enthusiasts and collectors of exclusive cars. For more than three decades, Eagle specialized not only in restoring Jaguar E-Type models, but adapting them to modern technology to raise performance at today’s sports car levels.

The result is an E-Type that provides the 60s unmistakable design with the dynamic abilities of a roadster or sports coupe of the newest generation. Eagle went even further with this concept, producing their own models, named Speedster and Low Drag GT, which have bodyworks with updated E-Type designs.

Now came the new Spyder GT model’s turn to complete the range of Eagles and conquer the hearts of those who want a unique driving experience.
Like any Eagle Special Edition model, the Spyder GT will be handmade and starts off as an original E-Type, ready for restoration. It is distinguished by its aluminum monocoque chassis and the bodywork has flared shapes plus widened proportions.

Under the long hood seethes an engine with a displacement of 4.7 liters with six-cylinder. It is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and produces 330 hp which are delivered to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential. With such resources, the Spyder GT sprints from 0 to 96 km / h (0 to 60 mph) in less than 5 seconds and reaches a top speed of over 170 mph (273.5 km / h). Very important to obtaining these figures is the very low weight of the car. The Eagle Spyder GT weighs only 1029 kg, because the chassis, gearbox and engine block are made of aluminum. There are also elements of magnesium. Therefore, we get a power to weight ratio of 326 hp / ton.

But the car’s agility is not only due to the lightweight, powerful and modern suspension. On the front axle Ohlins adjustable dampers are fitted, which were filled with anti-roll torsion beams. The rear axle has anti-roll torsion bars, as well as Ohlins adjustable dampers, which have double springs.
Furthermore, servo assisted brakes provide high control. Ventilated discs have 315 mm on the front wheels and 280 mm at the rear ones and the aluminum calipers come from AP Racing.

The performances, exhaust stamp, design, the feeling of freedom given by the spyder format and refinement that defines the manufactured bodywork and interior converge to create a unique experience behind the wheel of a Eagle Spyder GT.

It will really be precious experience, because the price of each copy will start at 695,000 pounds, not including local taxes. But the Spyder GT will be created in only a few copies which will mark this model from the start as a collection car.

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