Drive-test: Opel Astra 1.7 CDTI 125 pk

The new Opel Astra Opel’s latest best seller to be. He therefore takes a great deal about the Opel Insignia, another model of success.

We tested once before an Opel Astra, a specimen with a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine to be exact. This may not be the most ordered Opel Astra, so once we decided to go out with a diesel engine. We opted for the Vauxhall Astra with a 1.7 CDTI engine. The looks of the new Opel Astra know many honored, they are also a lot more modern than the previous generation Opel Astra. Especially the front end knows his heart to conquer tight forms. The sideline makes clear that the Opel Astra is a modern hatchback and the back shows some design features that we also find the Opel Insignia. In short, the Astra looks very smooth and trendy, perhaps an advantage over the relatively dull Volkswagen Golf. Moreover, the Opel Astra model appear soon as a coupe, we’re already curious how dynamic the lines of that model will be.

When we get in, it seems like we’re sitting in the Opel Insignia. And that’s good news. The dashboard is shaped as it did in the Opel Insignia and the finish is at least as good. The buttons are incorporated into a type of soft plastic that feels pretty good and certainly not unpleasant looks. But facing the Opel Astra with a sea of buttons in the middle. This could have been avoided by a touchscreen, but hey, the Astra still plays in the affordable segment of the middle class, so a touch screen may not fit directly into the equation. The navigation screen is relatively highly ranked, so that the eyes of the driver of the road must always be different. Rummage through menus of the infotainment system is made simple with a twist and push. In the door there is a compartment where processed exactly fits a bottle of water. Perhaps a trifle, but damn handy for traveling. The instrument panel is very clear. At the end of the guide is a light that shines on the ring of the tachometer and speedometer. Especially at night the dials are therefore very easy to read. Central to the instrument panel there is a clear-board computer that displays various types of information.

Also on ergonomic is difficult constructive criticism of the Opel Astra to deliver. Besides numerous storage compartments, the Opel Astra about a suitcase with a flat load floor. This case seems rather small, but when you lift up the floor, you notice that you have still quite some room available. Who wants to carry something small quickly, do not open up the floor. If it still might be needed can be very simple. Then, the Opel Astra about 370 liters luggage. Those who want more luggage space, can turn back the deposit. This can be relatively simple, but it is unfortunately not possible to be completely flat load floor make. The total boot capacity increases to 1,235 liters with rear seats folded. On the back is again quite some leg room, provided that the person for you not too large. If this were the case, you probably are pretty tight. If necessary, you can through the back to get the boot.

In terms of steering the Astra scores very good points. Our test model was enjoying the FlexRide suspension system that adjusts according to the wishes of the driver. There are three possible modes: Sport, Normal and Tour. Sport mode when you turn on the instrument panel turns completely red and feel that the car is slightly harder suspension. Work in this position curve is smoother than usual. Moreover, the throttle slightly brighter, which will accelerate a bit quicker. Truly sublime acceleration, although not, it takes about 11.5 seconds before you get 100 km / h reached from standstill. The revivals are sometimes a lot easier, especially when you choose the third or fourth gear. The fifth and sixth resistance are calculated at constant mainly at the same speeds. When you see the car in its normal setting, he is quite comfortable but still sporty. Then choose the Tour mode, you see that often on the road less translated into irregularities in the vehicle. Some say the Astra a lot sharper when lacking the FlexRide equipped. This adaptive suspension is not directly a must for couples, but may perhaps be advisable for people who like to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The 1.7 CDTI engine has 125 hp and 280 Nm. Especially the torque ensures brilliant reworkings. Zero to one hundred sprint done in about 11.5 seconds, which is not very fast, but enough for everyday driving. The top speed of 195 km / h will sometimes just come in handy in Germany or elsewhere where traffic permits such speeds. According to the manufacturer, the Opel Astra enough to 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 km, we cause a consumption of 6.6 liters per 100 km combined. In itself, the consumption of this engine definitely acceptable. True champions succeed economy also certainly have a good liter per 100 km of the average consumption to pick. The CO2 emissions is equivalent to 119 grams per km. The Opel Astra is certainly no lightweight, he explains, 1,373 kg in the shell, which is a bad influence on consumption. The engine naturally complies with the Euro V standard.

Standard pay € 14.950 for the Opel Astra. Then you get a 1.4 liter gasoline engine produces 100 horsepower combined with the Essentia equipment. For the 1.7 CDTI engine then you count down at least € 18.750, combined with the option package Enjoy. The Sport model will cost you then at least € 23.650. The Sport equipment includes a rain sensor, automatic dimming mirror, a sports chassis, cruise control, front sports seats and a leather gearshift. Our test model was equipped with some options. Thanks to adaptive headlights (€ 900), the Seat Comfort I and II pack (€ 650), tire pressure monitoring (€ 150), Bluetooth (€ 300), navigation (€ 950), FlexRide (€ 950), parking (€ 500) and a metallic double (€ 490), the total price of our test model amounts to € 28.540. All in all, that a lot of money, but you can be sure that competitors like the Volkswagen Golf at least cost the same.

We can therefore say that the Opel Astra is a strong player in the segment of the middle class. He can send quite a bit and does that extremely sharp. When necessary, it also is very comfortable, dare to be. The diesel engine is superb in reruns, but when starting off from standstill it performs less well and is not always vibration Fri The sound of the diesel engine at low speeds is not exactly pleasant. The interior scores again very good points and also shows the ergonomic Opel Astra virtually no stabbing attack.

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