Dodge Released Durango Heat 2011

Dodge Released Durango Heat 2011

Are you admired in Dodge Durango R/T 2011? You can take the chance by making Hemi power exchange with six- cylinder engine to bring economy on fuel consumption. Good news for you that, Dodge has divulged Durango Heat for the year 2011. In the Auto show of Chicago it has got its disclosure which may meet of demand of public sensibilities.

It will be tough to you to separate Durango Heat from new version of Durango R/T. It was also revolved in the Auto Show of Chicago. The most interesting matter is that these two models are identical on virtual looking. These two are unique in front outlook including insistent chin spoiler and fog lamps. Side seals are also identical for both the cars. Other similarities are HID headlamps, calibration of suspension system and metal polished 20″ wheels.

It is not so easy to mark differences from exterior visibility. To find out differences you have to turn over the hood. R/T is featured with a 360 hp engine which can be specified as Hemi V-8 5.7 liter. But the Durango Heat engine shorts two cylinders. It is featured with V-6 3.6 liter engine which is capable of generating 295 horsepower. The engine cylinders of Durango Heat are not capable of exciting the shaft as like R/T. In rear wheel drive position V-6 models consume fuel at an approximate ratio of 16/23 mpg in city and highway roads. But in case of all wheel drive it accomplishes city/highway rating as 16/22 mpg. V-8 engines accomplish 14/20 mpg rating in case of rear wheel drive and 13/20 mpg rating in all wheel drive.

This model is highly acceptable to the people those who do not want to pay extra money and do not want excess horsepower. According to sources for a two wheel drive model the price begins at $31145. But if you want to get an all-wheel-drive model you have to pay $33145. On the other hand you have to pay more than $4000 to get R/T car model. Approximate price of a rear wheel drive R/T model is $33145, and you have to pay $36315 for an all wheel drive model.

Performance can be distinguished from inferior view point. The Heat has got sport powetrain and has similar exterior designing and lining with R/T. The Heat has got spiky steering and solid suspension system. Durango Heat is capable of riding approximately 0.8″ lower than other respective models. All season tires fit uniquely with its standard 20″ wheels. It can also be altered with summer performance rubber. The exterior of Durango Heat has got the reflection of its performance with its newly designed front and rear portion, dark colored head light housing and coated grille trim. Dual exhaust system is another attraction of the Durango Heat.

You can take Durango Heat with you on your long drives. To make your journey more enjoyable and reliable it features all the facilities including safety. Low fuel cost and durable performance will give you full satisfaction rather than R/T model.

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