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Daewoo brand no longer in use

General Motors no longer stick the logo on Daewoo cars. That the company has officially announced. It started with the introduction of Chevrolet models in the last Daewoo-market in the world, South Korea.
At the end of March, all Daewoo models GM sells a Chevrolet badge – except for the few cars that the company already sells under a different brand. Part of the operation is to introduce eight new models in the Korean market that we have been known as a Chevrolet. These include the Orlando, Aveo and Captiva but the Camaro and Corvette.

South Korea is the last market where the brand Daewoo was conducted. It is the home of the brand, since 1982 part of the Daewoo Group, a larger industrial conglomerate. General Motors now owns a majority share of the autotak GM Daewoo. This company will still Korean design models.

With the change of brand name American company wants to achieve a growth spurt. On the Korean market faces much competition from Hyundai and Kia, which in recent years launched a number of competing models. Young consumers also increasingly opt for foreign products and labels. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet brand in South Korea has more status than Daewoo.

In the Netherlands the name change for about 5 years a fact. Most models in our Chevrolet showrooms are already of American origin.

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