Dacia Sandero Step Way Tested For Practicality

Dacia Sandero Step Way Tested For Practicality

The Dacia Sandero Step Way is a pronounced crossover although it represents a hatchback more closely. The Sandero Step Way however stops short of being the ultimate four-wheel driven hatchback. The Step Way is based on the Sandero as the name suggests and features a 4 x 4 drive train. Ground clearance has been increased by 40 mm and the vehicle does pack in quite a lot of technological advancements.

It is designed for a niche segment but could attract customers from the mainstream of life as well. The Step Way features a new bumper design with plastic wheel arch extension and new roof bars. The Step Way also comes with fog lamps and body colored mirrors and bumpers. Metallic paint scheme is also offered on the vehicle and this is an added feature which has been left out even in the hatchback.

The Step Way does not feature many differences with the Sandero, although the few differences that it features are far fetched. The ride height has been increased and as a result it is easier to get in and out of the Step Way. The interior also features new floor mats and that is all. The Step Way is powered by a 1.5 liter turbo charged dCi diesel engine displacing 89 BHP which makes the vehicle perform better.

The Sandero hatchback is still powered by a 1.2 liter petrol supercharged engine with basic power train features. More power means better performance and this coupled with the perfect suspension and transmission settings mean that the Step Way is fun to drive. The vehicle screams performance from all angles and although this cannot be compared to that of a super sports car, it is better than the Sandero hatchback in more ways than one.

CO2 emission is constant at 105 g/km with a fuel efficiency of 50 MPG. As a result, owners can save up to £80 on taxes. The diesel powerhouse surprisingly provides more fuel efficiency than the diesel version and the mid range torque of the vehicle has been enhanced.

Refinement, engine power and mechanical power are adequate on this turbo diesel and the vibrations have been removed quite a bit. The advanced engineering is obvious and this is a welcome change from before. The Step Way also scores when it comes to handling and efficiency and the operational effectiveness of the motor is also breath taking. The wheel arch extension adds a visual bonus without affective drive ergonomics much and this also makes the Step Way bit more comfortable than the hatchback.

The Sandero Step Way is a big step in the way of the modern crossovers and Renault’s sister concern has gone a long way in developing and designing what could very well be the next generation of crossovers. The Step Way is better value for money as the specifications are enhanced as compared to the hatch back and the power development of the vehicle is far better than the hatch back.

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