Dacia Leads Car Sales Growth across Europe

Dacia Leads Car Sales Growth across Europe

Dacia has proved to be a force to reckon with in Europe as latest reports and performance reports are coming in for 2013. As the year is on the verge of an end, annual reports show Dacia enjoying a comfortable run in European markets. Dacia had no presence even till a year ago although strong product lineup and major aggressive marketing has helped the firm find foothold in various important markets.

Data shows Dacia improving sales by 20 percent in the first 11 months of 2013 as compared to the same period last year. Demand for vehicles has increased in Europe and Dacia has managed to cash in on this event. Overall car sales have been low although demand for certain types of vehicles have grown in certain parts of Europe. Small, reliable and fuel efficient hatch backs and sedans are a hot pick at the moment while Dacia seems to be providing it on a global basis.

Alfa Romeo (which recorded leading car sale volumes last year) on the other hand seemed to have lost a fair share of its market segment over the past year as their numbers this year equal 57,964 as opposed to 81,879 for the same period last year. Alfa Romeo manufactures similar vehicles as Dacia although price difference seems to have been the major reason at play here.

Chrysler, Lancia and Chevrolet along with PSA have seen sales declining by 10 percent, although this was expected considering global economic conditions. Mazda, Seat and Mercedes Benz however have seen a smooth sailing all year round, with sales increasing constantly. Jaguar Land Rover has seen a steady growth of 9.9 percent although this is mainly owing to its advanced range of SUVs at Range Rover.

Jaguar’s personal sales have seen an increase in 15.6 percent while the Volkswagen Group in general is at the top of the charts with 2.73 Million vehicles having been sold this year. Even though the company has lost quite a huge sales volume, they still managed to sell more vehicles than any other company. This undoubtedly puts them at the top of the game this year too.

The Volkswagen Group has seen sales declining by 2.1 percent while Volkswagen in general has seen sales fall by 2.7 percent. Car sales in 2013 were not healthy although they were better than the general scenario last year. Close to 2.1 Million new cars were registered this year as opposed to 1.9 Million registered last year.

This however brings new hope of a brighter future, especially with car makers working on all electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles. Although these vehicles are far from actual launch, as minor modifications are needed, we expect to see a new breed of vehicles taking over the planet by 2020. Various changes are needed in global infrastructure while Governments have agreed to help out private players as and when required. We expect sales to pick up soon while we will get you the latest developments before others.

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