Corvette Stingray first shot at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Corvette Stingray first shot at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva motor show will be opening the chances for the world of automobiles to show their products in the month of March this year. The Chevrolet new upgraded car will be making its first appearance for the public in this show. The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray will be on this show. This car will be available for sale in the by the end of this year hopefully. It will be a 2014 model of car released by the group.

The Geneva auto show is one of the biggest events for the car making companies that are working with the most recent technologies in the world of automobiles. It is one of the gateways to get a good position in the market. A number of cars will be making their debut in this show along with the Corvette Stingray.

The press will be having their reviews about the Auto Show on the fourth and fifth of March 2013. As per details the show will be opened to the public from 7th-17th of March this year. The Geneva motor show is not a new platform for the Corvette Company as sixth-generation Corvette made its first appearance here in the year 2004.

The corvette new Stingray coupe was revealed in the Detroit motor show held this year. However, the officials of the Chevrolet and Corvette Company still refuse to answer the query about the new model of the car. Nevertheless, the secret trial product of Stingray adaptable can be seen on the roads in the pictures released by the company.

According to the company the new upgraded Corvette Stingray are made with a purpose to give competition with the top sport car in the world. Furthermore, this car will help in enhancing the retailing of the two-seater cars. The Geneva motor show will be helping the car company to get a world famous platform for its debut. Chevrolet has it for the image leader, as it is one of the international brand names for the all-purpose motors.

The company wil l be rel easing their Stingray convertible trial in approximately three months. According to the sources and the company release, the production of the car will start in the month of august hopefully. This will take time until the month of November when the finals will be available for their release.

Some of the details are there for the public to know about the upcoming car. The roof of the car in the camouflaged model of the car will be of fabric. A 450-HP 6.2-liter V8 engine is fitted in the car. The car also offers a seven-speed guide or six-speed regular transmissions.

The prices are yet to be released however they will be confirmed as soon as the model of the car is available or in the auto show. It is yet to be seen how this car will be performing on the roads. Looking for a good start of the auto show to know more about the car and its details.

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