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Continental Presents Sound System Without Speakers But With 3D Sound

Technology advances as we breathe and blink – it doesn’t really take months or years, but fractions of a second. Technological cars, with as many gadgets as possible, are more and more sought after because satisfaction is much greater when you get into a car and gadgets look at you from any angle.

While the major audio system manufacturers compete in the number of speakers they offer on their cars, Continental is working on an audio system without speakers!

One of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry, also known as a tire manufacturer, presented the most important technologies on which its engineers are working on. These include the Ac2ted Sound system, which turns the entire car into a speaker.

Although it seems hard to imagine, Continental imagines a car with zero speakers that could be heard just as well as any high-quality audio system.
Continental knows what a tech junkie wants, so it makes it possible for a car in which you do not need speakers to listen to music to exist. Continental take a break from tires and is developing a sound system that would revolutionize the industry.

Even if the big audio system manufacturers are shaking their heads with design, power or facilities, Continental has decided that nothing will beat what they are going to introduce to the automotive industry.

Okay, so if they’re not putting in speakers, then how do we listen to the music? It seems that this will be possible due to the car’s bodywork. This is because some parts of the car can have wonderful acoustics.

Johann Hiebl, director of Continental’s Connectivity and Infotainment Department, says the first bodywork coat can produce high frequencies, while panels can produce medium frequencies. The roof and rear of the car have a subwoofer function.

There are surely some skeptics among you, but we must not forget how advanced technology is and how much it can do. With patience, we will find out whether Continental’s intention is possible, maybe even profitable.

According to Continental specialists, the first row of pillars is good for high frequencies, door panels, for medium frequencies, and the roof and rear can act as a subwoofer. Instead of installing speakers in these areas, Continental has installed these actuators that transmit vibrations. It is a principle of operation similar to that used by a guitar or violin.

Continental hopes that the invention will play a part in future production plans of car manufacturers. This way, they could get rid of up to 22 kg by giving up traditional speakers. In addition, the internal space would also increase.

Johann Hiebl, also said: “In the age of electric vehicles, car manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions to drastically reduce the weight of their vehicles and gain space for passengers and new technologies. On the other hand, design and sound quality may not suffer from this goal. Our approach is to treat the car itself as an instrument.”

That is why an audio system that uses the car’s bodywork can only be good under these conditions, and besides, it’s an innovation that surpasses any current ideas.

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