Concept Vehicles Showcased at the Seoul Motor Show

Concept Vehicles Showcased at the Seoul Motor Show

Although the Seoul Motor Show was overshadowed by the New York Motor Show, a few significant moments did define the way Seoul presented itself and this was the perfect platform for Kia and Hyundai to showcase their all powerful designs. Both car manufacturers planned on new designs and technology and Hyundai’s Venace Concept managed to take the visitors by surprise. Kia was not far behind, showcasing the CUB Concept along with the Provo which is based on vehicles from Mini and the Citroen DS.

The Hyundai Venace Concept is similar to the Genesis Coupe set to be unveiled next year and this could be the best definition of the fluidic design owned by Hyundai. The Venace focuses on a longer wheelbase and this has been done primarily to enhance cabin space and the long dashboard, bonnet and rear section of the vehicle compliments style as well as increases space interior.

The overall structural design of the Venace is soft and simple fluidic and hence stress has been put to ensure that the vehicle is not very aggressive in it is appealing. Hyundai is hopeful that the Venace will be fairly popular and the vehicle has been quite promising. Kia is also in an experimenting mood and the CUB is the perfect example of what the firm plans on doing in the future.

The Hyundai Genesis coupe will feature right hand drive and is expected to be based on the current Venace Concept. However, as the final plans are not available, final reports are not available. The Genesis is expected to be powered by a 3.3 liter turbo charged V6 engine displacing 362 BHP and mated to Hyundai’s innovative eight speed transmission system.

Kia also showcased the Cross GT Concept and this vehicle is a large concept SUV that could inspire future vehicles from Kia. The company has claimed that none of the vehicles will see actual production, although they could act as inspiration for future models. The exterior and interior designing is also quite different and that is what is inspiring about the new models.

Ssangyong has also launched the LIV 1 Concept which is based on a larger SUV platform than the Korando. However, there are no plans to bring this model into production as of yet. Oulin Motors – South Korea’s sole super car manufacturer showcased the Cregit. This vehicle is powered by a Hyundai made 3.8 liter twin turbo V6 engine displacing 600 BHP. The company claims that the vehicle is capable of accelerating from 0 – 60 MPH in 3.45 seconds while packs a top speed of 199 MPH.

Allen claims that an average of 10 – 12 credits will be sold every year although the price of the vehicle was not announced. Although the Seoul Motor Show did not see any foreign unveils, the local car makers took complete advantage of the platform to showcase some of the most unique rides from this part of the world. Foreign unveils are however expected at next year’s event.

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