Citroen Working on C4 Cactus for end 2014 Reveal

Citroen Working on C4 Cactus for end 2014 Reveal

Citroen was once known for its classic French appeal, which over the years was put aside to accommodate modern technology and improve luxury levels. Citroen however is planning on heading back to old paths with their C4 Cactus. This vehicle was originally conceived during the great economic meltdown back in 2008 and various aspects of the automotive industry have changed ever since.

After the giant depreciation, European car makers have faced close to 25 percent drop in sales volume. The US too has faced adversaries over the years and two out of their big three car makers, have gone bankrupt. Factories and ware houses across the nation have shut down, while car production has decreased in volume.

Overcapacity of car manufacture in the US was neutralized and vehicles have returned to their pre cash levels. Mainstream brands now find car making profitable once again. Europe however face a different crisis altogether. Citroen and Peugeot, their two primary car makers, face over production while sales are dropping consistently. With major factories closing down, putting the pressure on showroom prices, Citroen bosses sat down together to work out a new strategy, which would help them get over these tough times.

Basic ideas included that the cars needed to be made cheap but had to be consistent with standard quality and features. Profit world not be made from singular sales, although mass sale could cover all costs. This is a radical move while its vehicles will be sold under the new found “C Line” brand. Even though a consistent vehicle lineup has not been confirmed yet, Citroen will be launching a production variant of its C4 Cactus in this segment.

This vehicle however is still work in progress and no confirmed launch date is provided yet. We are however hopeful of a mid / end 2014 reveal. With modern technology being a subject for regular experimentation, we cannot expect to stay put with something for long. Hence, a particular feature which may be new today shall be obsolete within the next few years. Citroen has kept this in mind while designing their vehicle.

The sheer usefulness and simplicity of modern day smart phones have inspired them to work effectively on the C4 Cactus. Rise of simplicity has also resulted in decluttering of the dash board and interior in general. The C Line vehicles were originally designed to offer customers a stress free mode of travel. It was originally designed as a touring vehicle and could be used in urban conditions as well. Sporting credibility of the Cactus is near zero and this does not appeal to the youth.

However if you are on a lookout for a cheap yet reliable mode of transport, the C4 Cactus is your best bet. Citroen plans on increasing ease of ownership and have added various features to enhance its appeal. This is a French car in every sense as it maintains clarity and honesty in its design, without pretending. This vehicle should be available by end 2014 and Citroen’s future rests on its success.

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