Citroen Revolte

Citroen Revolte

Citroën has a carefully crafted campaign to reveal the Revolt concept. That is of course not wait. We all have photos where the study model has been shown in full glory.

Citroën takes last week at the IAA in Frankfurt this Revolt Concept down. The first plague of pictures we have seen today is the first image when the car is completely show. Further details are still missing.

Citroën has the design of the new design study based on that of the classic 2CV. The fashion show was the car fitted with Citroën called suicide doors – rear doors that open rearward fold. The rear is integrated in the roof. And an additional striking feature is that the rear passenger seat back is placed. Curious what the EuroNCAP because of it.

What these plans Citroën concept car, is still not clear. The models in the B-segment, which this car seems to fall, are only renewed. The C3 and DS3 are not even on the market. Citroën plant an electric car, but that is hardly a rebuilt Mitsubishi i – like the Peugeot ion. This is the 2CV look-a-like is not immediately eligible.

Next soaks Citroën shows the concept Revolt on the autoshow in Frankfurt. Then we really know what is at stake.

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