Citroen DS7 Crossback

Citroen DS7 Crossback

Emmanuel Macron can now officially call the 25th President of France. The new head of state makes moving to a “Presidential” DS 7 CrossBack.

The 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron managed to provide for his first ride as president of France in the latest model of DS7 CrossBack. Because of course is necessary to be waved to bystanders, the 7 CrossBack with a large open roof.

The special DS7 Crossback also the first copy that license plate is put, Blue Ink is injected, has another side mirror caps with a pattern, flag holders, special badges and a ‘Black Art’ leather laced interior. The car is a 20-inch light metal and is equipped with systems such as DS and DS Connected Pilot Suspension Active Scan.

DS is obviously proud of it may provide the first official of Macron. It is not the first time that a car of Citroën / DS is used as a presidential car. Over the years, we have a DS 5 Hybrid4, a Citroen C6 and a Citroën SM considered official. None other than Charles de Gaulle allowed himself driving a Citroën DS.

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