Chevrolet upcoming model - Sail

Chevrolet upcoming model – Sail

In the 2011 Beijing Motor Show the specs of this vehicle were revealed but no mention was made regarding its launch dates. Now it is clear that the Chevrolet Sail upcoming model will be launched in the first week of September. This is one of the most anticipated vehicles in Indian markets.

The reason behind this is that it is one of the most affordable vehicles present in the market. The fact that makes this vehicle wanted is that it is affordable and positive in its on road performance. The spare parts of the vehicle are easily available and are not expensive at all. This is one of the most favored vehicles in the middle class. For the last couple of years it has made room in the Pakistani car markets. Chevrolet Sail will be launched with two variant engines the S-TEC 2 1.45 liter and the S-TEC3 with 1.45 liters.

The second variant engine is comparatively stronger than the first one. The S-TEC3 is capable of breaking the hundred kilometer barrier in twelve seconds. The S-TEC2 goes beyond the hundred meter barrier in fifteen seconds. The torque and the acceleration rates are also different according to the engine capacities. This vehicle is specifically designed for the middle class. That is the reason that fuel efficiency was given enormous concern. This vehicle will also be chosen by those people that are not interested in car appearance. For people that only want a car to travel from one point to the other Sail is the ultimate choice. It is a spacious vehicle and fuel efficient. It is also compatible for distant travels as well.

The front and rear bumpers of the vehicle are covered with the genuine body color. The grills placed on the front nose of the vehicle are colored in black. The lamps on the front and rear are exquisitely placed. It has a five person seating capacity and is considered a family vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is great and the seating arrangement is comfortable. The pre launch bookings in Indian car markets have already started but there are not live signs in the Pakistani markets. It is anticipated that in a post launch month the bookings in Pakistan will also be triggered. The vehicle is available in multiple color choice as well. The most favored colors are black and white.

The pre launch reviews are significantly positive. The reason is that this vehicle is expected to provide considerably significant on road performance as compared to its price. It was also revealed that the Chevrolet Sail limited edition will be launched in a couple of months as well. It will be equipped with one variant engine different from the first launch vehicle. The Sail as mentioned will be equipped with two variant engines. This is an affordable vehicle. Not only is that it in mediocre price range it is fuel efficient as well. Most importantly from the partial record of the company its vehicles does not demand expensive maintenance expenses.

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