Chevrolet officially becomes Liverpool FC's Automotive Partner from 2012 to 2016

Chevrolet officially becomes Liverpool FC’s Automotive Partner from 2012 to 2016

Chevrolet has recently signed a four year sponsorship contract with the Barclays Premier League club Liverpool. Chevrolet is set to be the automotive partner of the legendary soccer club and hence is set to be the official partner and sponsor for the North American tour of Liverpool FC.

Chevrolet is among the world’s top most car manufacturing companies and it has built up its network in more than 140 countries and the list is still expanding. Chevrolet produces more than 5 million passenger cars and trucks each year and Chevrolet is a trusted brand across the world for its vehicles.

Chevrolet cars aim at delivering the optimum performance, while keeping in mind the fuel consumption rate and keeping a tab on emission levels. Hence, cars from Chevrolet are among the best selling in the world.
Liverpool FC in the other hand is a historic and famous football club that has been functioning for the past 120 years. The club has many titles, trophies, cups and dedicated players to talk about its vast experience and heritage and is one of the most feared and respected side in club football today. The club also takes up social responsibilities time and again and it has helped the community with education, health and social issues, sports development projects etc. The recent tie up hence brings up the prospects of further investment in social issues in certain underprivileged areas.

The contract was signed till the season of 2015 – 16 and hence Chevrolet is set to be present at the European Campaigns and the Barclays Premier League, scheduled to take place at the Liverpool FC home ground.
Chevrolet is also sponsoring Liverpool FC’s pre season tour that has already begun. Liverpool FC has already won their first encounter against Toronto FC and is looking forward to playing against AS Roma at Boston in the coming week.

Next in line is the big match against Tottenham Hotspurs, the chief rivals of Liverpool FC’s English Premier League. Liverpool FC is a formidable side and their achievements have made them a favorite with fans. In fact, Liverpool FC has a huge fan base across the world and some people literally worship the club.

The tie up between Chevrolet and Liverpool FC will help both the sides and take Liverpool to unchartered territory where Chevrolet has already set up a base. The tie up is also set to benefit Chevrolet in terms of promotions, hence leading to sales.

Reliable sources from Liverpool FC believe that the tie up with international brands like Chevrolet is set to improve the club’s reputation and hence, come in handy in the future. The club can use Chevrolet’s dedicated network all over the world to reach out to fans that are from territories untouched by Liverpool FC so far.

Furthermore, the companies are planning to set up football sessions and camps with people of different countries. This will help educate people in terms of football as well as nurture previously unknown talent. As of now, the companies are looking forward to a successful partnership and winning the games at hand.

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