Chery Beta 5, the New SUV is Going to Offer Tremendous Luxury

Chery Beta 5, the New SUV is Going to Offer Tremendous Luxury

The new Beta 5 from Chery is unveiled at the recent Shanghai Motor Show. Chery has brought so many superlative changes in this new SUV and they planned a new modular structure to give it new looks and make it more luxurious.

The improvements in each department like engineering, designing, development and production costs have taken the Beta 5 a few steps ahead of its previous versions and its competitors like the Alpha 7. But Alpha 7 is designed in a sedan manner while Beta 5 is purely made for the SUV lovers.

Particularly in China’s auto market Beta 5 is going to give strong competition to other newly coming SUVs. In fact more chances are there that it will lead the race of total number of sales. Some other brands are also offering fewer high quality SUVs such as Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Tucson, Besturn X 80, and the next version of MG CS concept might enter the market in near future as well. Though it resembles the interior of Alpha 7 too but some extraordinary added features to it make it very special.
Chery Beta 5 is built with a concept of the long line to offer more space and swiftness. It has 4505 mm of length and width is 1850 mm. For taller person it is a very good choice as it comes with a nice height of 1741 mm.

So comparing to Hyundai Tucson Beta 5 offers a lot more space by length, width and also in height. People who are irritated of bigger wheels can bring their interest in it since it has a shorter wheelbase. In comparison with Korean SUV Rival it has 30 mm shorter wheelbase and to be exact it is 2580 mm. It offers you some amazing user friendly and cool features like push start button, keyless entry and 3G connected systems for infotainment etc.

Chery Beta 5 has an engine of 120bhp, 1.6 liter and 138bhp, 2.0 liter petrol engines of four cylinders. This engine is a result of Chery’s self in-house development. With its LED headlights and also daytime running lights its style looks very unique. There is a front bumper, assertive grille and bold wheel arches which has flares made up of plastic with large grey colored lights.

Chery Motors has cleared that the Beta 5 will be offered in petrol engines only. It gives choice to choose from two options from which the first one is a naturally aspirated and the second option is super charged. Talking about price of the SUV, Chery Motors already sells the cheapest SUV named as Cherry J11. So the competitors of Chery Motors would get frightened to know that the Beta 5 might be sold in much cheaper price than their SUVs.
In the Shanghai Road Show, Chery Beta 5 proved that this SUV is going to make its own class by offering rich and reliable structure and mechanism. Chery aims this SUV to record as the highest selling SUV in coming years especially for domestic usage.

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