Cheapest Car In The World Has 200 Horsepower

Cheapest Car In The World Has 200 Horsepower

India’s carmaker Tata Motors started fighting the big carmakers, keeping in mind a great idea. The high aspirations have made the Indians create the cheapest car in the world.
This car, Tata Nano was first shown publicly in 2008 in New Delhi and immediately became a curiosity for all involved in the auto industry. Unfortunately, the manufacturer delayed the market launch for technical reasons, if we can say that. Basically the plant where the car was supposed to be produced was 90 percent built, after which works were stopped due to problems with the owners of lands around this building.
The idea to build the cheapest car in the world has always fascinated carmakers who dreamed of hundreds of thousands of orders and a resounding success. Tata Motors was one of those producers with high aspirations shattered by the reality of the market.
But let’s go back a bit to the revolutionary car. Yes, we call it so because it was meant to be the one that will change the auto market. This is an extremely efficient car and very effective in terms of emission norms. Also, the car costs about 2,500 dollars. Unfortunately, time would prove the fact that the manufacturer’s aspirations would not be met, the car failing to reach expected sales.
After having successfully launched the Tata Ace truck in 2005, the Indians from Tata Motors wanted to go further and develop a cheap city car so the citizens see it as an alternative to the motorcycle. The objective could be achieved by eliminating many non-essential things, by reducing the amount of steel needed to build the car and, last but not least, by using local labor.
Unfortunately for Tata Motors, the car sales were a failure, only managing to sell 70,000 units in the first two years since release.
Recently, those at JA Motorsport, known in the automotive world as one of the greatest racing teams from India, brought back to the attention of fans the small Nano car. With an impressive experience in racing cars, specialists from JA Motorsport have thought it was time to revitalize the Nano model and bring it back to the forefront.
Therefore, and probably after lengthy studies, JA Motorsport engineers have started work by remodeling the Nano car. They began to restore the structure with a tubular chassis, and replaced the 40 horsepower engine with a more powerful engine with a displacement of 1.3 liters that provides 200 horsepower.
Being a motorcycle engine the revs up to 10,000 rpm, it gives the car precisely what it needed to have optimum performance. Next, the engineers have been busy with the aerodynamic look of the car, adding a few elements that improve efficiency and dynamics. Also, the Nano received a new suspension for better stability and the brake system was changed to stop safely.
The changes undergone by the Nano small car have been explained in a video and posted on the Internet so that everyone can see the new Super Nano and what it could do.

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