Caterham Showcases the Futuristic AeroSeven Concept This Week • Caterham Showcases the Futuristic AeroSeven Concept This Week •Auto Types

Caterham Showcases the Futuristic AeroSeven Concept This Week

Caterham is planning to launch the AeroSeven Supercar, the company’s latest vehicle in its lineup, right after the launch of the Caterham 620R and Caterham 165. This supercar is based on Caterham’s latest on track expertise while they plan on building up their own brand power in its segment. Formula One technology has been used to develop track centric vehicles in the past as well although Caterham plans on giving it a whole new meaning with this vehicle.

AeroSeven has been appropriately named as well as this car is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on road at this moment. Basic principles right now includes a better chassis, better power displacement and a more driver friendly approach which will benefit the driver on long road stretches. Futuristic concept designing is of prime importance with this vehicle and everything about the AeroSeven is purely Caterham.

Caterham is currently working on a project along with Renault while their vehicle is likely to be manufactured by end 2014. Even with this vehicle, Caterham plans on showcasing their might while customer satisfaction is of prime important at the moment. Insiders say that the engineers and designers behind this project have worked exceptionally hard to give this car its current shape while Caterham is expecting a lot of youth support for their vehicle.

The AeroSeven Concept is based on the latest CSR platform from Caterham while this carbon fiber and aluminum super car is powered by a 2.0 liter DuraTec engine developed by Ford. This engine displaces 237 BHP @ 8,500 RPM along with 152 ft lb of torque @ 6,300 RPM. Even though this may not seem sufficient, this light weight super car gathers sufficient power from its heart while a superb power to weight ratio enables its smooth movement over asphalt.

The new range of vehicles will sport new double wish bone suspensions inspired by Formula One technology while ergonomically this vehicle is retro futuristic is a few ways. Caterham says that they have installed their latest range of traction control on this car, which gives it an edge over most competitors in the market segment. An all new engine management system has also been used on this car which governs power displacement and distribution as well.

The AeroSeven weighs close to 1,200 pounds, which makes it the lightest in class. All engine options are mated to a six speed manual transmission system. Caterham has not used an automated transmission due to numerous reasons, price point being one of them. A fast car needs to stop fast.

The company has given this vehicle the latest disk brakes used in Formula One. There should hence be no performance related issues. Caterham plans on starting production by August 2014, at their Dunford factory, United Kingdom, while the initial batch of vehicles should reach showrooms fall 2015. Even though this segment has fewer sales as compared to general sports segment, it has a separate clientele, who are interested in every new product launched in the market from time to time.

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