Caterham and Renault Join Forces to Develop a Super Car

Caterham and Renault Join Forces to Develop a Super Car

The latest sports car from Caterham is here and the company has designed this vehicle to compete with the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Lotus Evora. However, this vehicle is still in its production stages and it could take some time before being officially unveiled. Experts believe that Caterham will be showcasing this vehicle fall 2014. This proto type will borrow certain features from the Renault Alpine and is currently under development at the Renault Sport Laboratory at Dieppe as well as Caterham’s base in the United Kingdom.

Renault and Caterham signed their pact last week following which the project was shifted to the factory at Dieppe. This is an exciting time for the automotive industry as two potent forces are teaming up to manufacture a potent super car. Insiders reveal that this super car from Caterham will have touches of the British racing heritage along with British designing policies.

This proto type will try to reach out to Alfa and Lotus for assistance and these vehicles are also used as the benchmark products by Caterham. Experts believe that the Caterham could be priced within £50,000 and should be a tough competitor to the Porsche Cayman. The announcement revealing the tie up was made at the Geneva Motor Show and the post announcement hype around this vehicle has increased manifold since.
Insiders claim that the company’s biggest idea was to launch Caterham on the global circuit and every necessary step will be taken in order to make this attempt successful. Neither Renault nor Caterham have unveiled any of the designing or drive train specifications although insiders revealed that the engine could displace close to 200 BHP.

A twin turbo charged 2.0 liter four cylindered petrol engine is expected to be powering this giant and experts believe that like the Renault Alpine, the yet to be named super car from Caterham will also produce close to 280 BHP. The engine and transmission systems are however expected to vary and this car could prove to be a very tough competitor to the likes of Mazda and Toyota.

Early revelations throw light on the usage of a light weight space frame technology to design the chassis although carbon fiber and aluminum should be more practical choices for the body frame. As this news has not been confirmed by either of the partners no confirmed reports can be given at the time. This vehicle could also be a mid engine car with the engine being stashed below the seats. Independent suspension is also expected to feature on both the front and rear sections of the car.

Renault and Caterham however have different ideas regarding the exterior designing of the vehicle and the engineers are expected to sort out the differences quite soon and carry on with a universally accepted design. This project has a very tight deadline and schedule and this reportedly makes it even more challenging for the people involved while thrilling for the customers waiting to get a first glimpse of the super car.

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