Cars with web service on the move for web savvy!

Cars with web service on the move for web savvy!

The modern technology is fast capturing the hearts of the world in a fast phase. Statistics of People using the internet is increasing day by day and it has increased from the mere twenty million in the year 1995 to more than two thousand million by the year 2010. Internet has become the necessity for the success and also has become the basic crucial part of everyday activities. During the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that was held last month many car manufacturers are the creators of PC’s, Phones and HDTV. Let’s take a peek inside the few extraordinary introductions of this year’s models.

Audi is introducing a new version of 2011 with additional feature of inbuilt MMI system which is a great change to the simple proprietary applications such as the mapping. The brand new extravaganza of A8 is planning to exhibit the Google earth feature with its glorious special three dimensions effects. The Toyota’s Entune which is scheduled to arrive in the latter month of this year it is enhanced with the features of connectivity through Bluetooth in your mobile phone in order to get connected to the internet while on the ride. These facilities will be running in the in-dash applications, and the controls can be operated by voice identifications or touch. The service provides the features of search engines such as the Bing along with the Pandora personalized radio service. The service provides Partnerships with Movie Tickets and Open Table .com which helps you to plan for the evening diner as well as the movie even while you are in transit.

The GM has taken a different style by providing the On Star is providing its services in the newer versions such as the Chryslers VWs and Scions.

The ford’s AppLink is the new and exciting feature of the Ford. The Applink is another version of Entune and helps in creating applications for Androids, iphone and Blackberry handsets. These devices are featured with inbuilt software that uses speech capabilities and Sync’s display. This is actually better than to be glued to the mobile, since your attention needs to be on the road. It provides logical operations such as the Stitcher podcast and the Pandora service. They also have and been enriched with the OpenBeak and the Sync’s speech-synthesis feature present it helps you to listen to your Twitter feed.

AppLink has been the special part debuted in the Ford’s 2011 Fiesta which was introduced last December and which is coming by the next year 2012. There are more cars with sync are being introduced and developed by the Microsoft. You would love working around these quirks on the move.

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