Cars and Royalty – Rides Which Caught the Attention of Kate and William

The most publicized Royal Couple of the Decade, namely Prince Williams and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate are expecting their bundle of joy quite soon and as a result they might just need a bigger car. The Royal Couple has been travelling around in their Vintage Aston Martin coupe although it might just be replaced by something a little bigger.

However, the star couple has vast knowledge about automobiles and has been trying out a long list of vehicles which are suitable for the Royal Garage, although a final decision is yet to be taken. We all know fairly well that purchasing a vehicle is easier said than done and considering the billion eyes on the duo at all times, this task has just become a little bit more difficult.

The list of probable vehicles is quite large and we have done a thorough investigation to point out the positives and negatives of all the rides being considered at the moment. The 1969 Aston Martin DB6 was first presented to Prince Charles on his 21st birthday by the Queen. The vehicle has since been modified to run on bioethanol. However, the coupe may have style but it is not the type of family car that the Royal Couple are looking for at the moment.

The 2013 Aston Martin Rapide however could just do the trick. This four door coupe has the style and space, suitable to the needs of the Royal Couple and its range of advantages include specially designed adult seats as well as a considerably large boot space. Powered by a mean 550 BHP displacing V12 engine, this vehicle is all that Aston martin is about.

William and Kate have been using the Audi A6 Avant for quite some time now and although this is spacious and quite a practical executive estate, it is commonplace and needs to be worked on. Though this vehicle is quite powerful, sporting a twin V8 engine displacing 560 BHP, there are sportier cars which are waiting to be accepted into the Royal Garage.

The Jaguar XJ is also an elegant vehicle, suitable for the Royal Family and even though they own this vehicle, Jaguar has an interesting lineup which cannot be ignored. The recently unveiled Jaguar XF Sportbrake is one such vehicle which needs special mention. This executive saloon has style oozing from every direction, is spacious and just perfect for the job. The Royal Family is known to be a big lover for Rolls Royce and the Phantom VI has its share of glory days, transporting the Royal Couple.

Considering history, the current generation Rolls Royce Ghost would be the perfect car for the job as it has a towering road presence, very spacious interior and considering the fact that it is a Rolls Royce, luxury and refinement is not an issue. Although Vauxhall may not seem to be the best choice for the Royal Family but the Omega has been associated with the family for quite a while. Taking this into the equation, the Vauxhall Zafira would do justice to the Royal Couple.

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