Car Designer from Azerbaijan Designs the Aston Martin DBC Concept

Car Designer from Azerbaijan Designs the Aston Martin DBC Concept

WCF readers have designed an exclusive version of the Aston Martin DBC, known as the DBC Concept. This vehicle is unlike all the vehicles in the current lineup although similarities can be spotted at once. The DBC is a mid engine sports car based on a Right Hand Drive platform. This vehicle has been designed by Samir Sadikhov, a car designer from Azerbaijan, who had also designed the Xezri Concept during the Ferrari World Design Contest.

Another major design by Samir was the Cadillac C Ville, based on the XTS. Mid engine cars were strictly prohibited for Ferrari at a time Enzo Ferrari was at the helm. However, with the passage of time traditions have changed. However, there are a few automakers around the world that have not changed their traditions and concepts ever since the initial days. Aston Martin can sure be included in that list.

Even though the company manufactures beautiful vehicles, they have stuck to tradition when it comes to basic engineering. The DBC Concept however change the way Aston Martin operates, if the company plans on giving credibility and accepting the vehicle into its lineup. The DBC Concept is a mid engine vehicle, with standard Aston Martin proportions with a unique twist to every feature.

This is a clean design and is quite revolutionary. Aston Martin should really consider implementing this design into their official lineup. The front grille, emblem and general body lines are typically Aston Martin while the futuristic sweep of the vehicle along with muscularity is new. This is a combination of power, girth and aesthetic appeal along with sophistication.

Even though then power train measures of the car have not been confirmed at the moment. This vehicle could do well with the latest drive train from Aston Martin. A car this beautiful needs to be powerful and Aston Martin are well equipped to handle a car of this stature. The wide rims along with the sleek and aerodynamic body shape will appeal to the enthusiasts while the side mirrors have been integrated well with the design.

Samir says that he wanted a car whose design was pure and resembled the original in aesthetics. The DBC Concept manages that quite well and fans are already quite impressed with what they see. The interior has not been revealed and as a result we need to be content with the exterior only. This however does not diminish the fact that the DBC Concept is a work of a pure genius. The car has all the designing aspects needed on a sports car and it should be light weight considering the two seated coupe body style.

The DBC Concept resembles a muscular athlete sporting a suave suit and hence it has appealed to a wider customer base. Although the plan is still in its nascent stages, Aston Martin is yet to confirm or decline to comment on the car. This leaves hope for a future DBC Concept. Although nothing can be officially at the very moment.

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