Cadillac Plans Massive Designing Changes in the Near Future

Cadillac has revealed another image of its huge rear wheel driven sedan, originally showcased at Pebble Beach this year. Although this concept vehicle has not been confirmed for an official launch or introduction to Cadillac’s already flamboyant fleet, we will be thrilled if the company designs future models based on this concept. There are quite a few design aspects typically Cadillac and large wheels, with equally large wheel arches, heavy designs and the front grille and logo define Cadillac.

Cadillac is truly General Motor’s take on the fancy European executive sedans although its cars have the power along with the brain. Cadillac manufactures vehicles which are heavyweight, are luxurious and are powered by big and powerful engines. Its vehicles were never meant to be cool, but sturdy with a sense of wicked elegance. In the past few years however, the company’s designing trend has changed.

Its new vehicles are cool with a menacing appeal while muscularity has been attached to its vehicles. Concept vehicles have been disclosed within the period although none were as fascinating as the sedan based on the Omega platform showcased this week at Frankfurt. We heard that this was set to be the first production car although insiders failed to identify this concept as its actual production car.

Huge sedans, coupes and convertibles are typically Cadillac, so the company planned on outdoing itself with the Elmiraj. This one of a kind rear wheel driven beauty has no B pillars and once you take note of its name, you are not shocked about its appearance too. Drawing similarities to the huge dry lake bed in California (with which it shares its name), the Cadillac Elmiraj is truly a brutal beauty.

When the Elmiraj was showcased at Pebble Beach this year, it attracted people across all age groups. While old people are mostly known to prefer Cadillac, youngsters too had lined up to get a view of this next generation monstrous beauty. Even though Cadillac is mum about this car making it to production stages, we are happy with the changes Cadillac has made to their overall vehicle designs.

Cadillac has the full potential of breaking out is its image of an old man’s car and we would love to see a modern day sedan for all age groups. IF Cadillac plans on continuing with its current designing policy, future vehicles could mature out of these designs. Insiders were asked to comment on Cadillac’s plans regarding the future and most of them preferred to stay tightlipped. This could mean a new production ready vehicle within a few months, although this is just a speculation based on official reaction.

Designer Mark Adams, who has been designing vehicles for Cadillac for quite some time now says that this has resulted owing to a change in attitude and company policy. Vehicles from Cadillac are now driver oriented and dynamic in all senses. Luxury is important and so is performance and hence vehicle designing has changed within the company. We are surely happy with these results and surely want more such designs to influence its production cars too.

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