Byton Concept EV - Cheaper Tesla Model X Rival With 49-Inch Dashboard!

Byton Concept EV – Cheaper Tesla Model X Rival With 49-Inch Dashboard!

Byton is a Chinese company founded by the former head of BMW i8 project Carsten Breitfeld and former chief of Infiniti bureau from China Daniel Kirchert and presented at CES 2018 a prototype of an electric crossover. This is called the Byton Concept EV and can become a less costly alternative to Tesla’s Model X.

In the series version, the new crossover will have a version with one or more electric motors. The first model produces a total of 272 HP and has batteries with a capacity of 71 kWh that will provide a range of up to 400 km. The second one will generate a total of 476 HP and have batteries with a capacity of 95 kWh, providing a range of up to 520 km without recharging.

The crossover is equipped with a driver and passenger face recognition system. Some video cameras are mounted in the central pillars and allow the doors to be unlocked only if they recognize known faces.
Moreover, with this process, all the favorite settings are adjusted: seat position, air conditioning temperature, multimedia system parameters, etc. The latter will also be able to recognize voices and gestures internally.

Interior design deserves special attention too. The size of the dashboard is 125 × 25 centimeters, or a huge 49-inch screen displaying driver and passenger profile information, GPS data, among other relevant data.

It also displays information about the operation of the car’s internal systems, as well as images from the videos cameras that replace the rear-view mirrors.
The series crossover will also benefit from an Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant, a 5G network connection and a third-level automatic piloting system. At the same time, the company announces that the car will receive the necessary equipment to adapt to a 4th autopilot level.

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