Builds Shooting Brake Mercedes E-Class?

It would seem based on the Mercedes E-Class Coupe a Shooting Brake model.
The basis for the design of the new Mercedes E-Class was Mercedes Concept FASCINATION, at the Paris auto salon in 2008 was proposed. That concept was a Shooting Brake Mercedes model would be effective plan that car production .Would fit into the young and innovative range of the Mercedes E-Class, which then would be 5 different models, the sedan, the Estate, the Coupe, the Cabrio and the Shooting Brake. The plan is that the Mercedes E-Class Shooting Brake – or how he will be called – by 2011 in the showroom state. It is also possible that the Shooting Brake the CLS range will expand, but that will only later in the production stage are known.
The engine range will, as today is part of a premium brand consist of environmentally friendly engines and one extremely powerful engines. In the longer term, there is an AMG version of the Shooting Brake must be true. (via Auto Express)

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