Buick Unveiled 2012 Regal GS at the Auto Show of 2010 Los Angeles - Auto Types Buick Unveiled 2012 Regal GS at the Auto Show of 2010 Los Angeles - Auto TypesAuto Types

Buick Unveiled 2012 Regal GS at the Auto Show of 2010 Los Angeles

Buick has brought a revolutionary car model 2012 Regal GS in their production line up, and with this release they have strengthened the brand name in the auto market. They have brought its revelation at the auto show of Los Angeles in the year 2010. From exterior views it is not possible to separate this car model from other recent releases from Buick. The manufacturer planned to make this new car model available in the US auto market this year.

At the Los Angeles motor show Buick has represented this car model as a bona fide performance sedan which has got sport suspension system and turbocharged direct injection system. This car model is featured with a heavy duty 4-Cylinder Ecotec engine. It is capable of generating 255 bhp. It includes 6-speed manual transmission system to transmit generated power to wheels. It can attain 60 miles per hour within the time period of 7 seconds. 2012 Regal GS from Buick is a front wheel drive car model, and it is more likely a sport sedan.

This new concept from Buick looks really great with its unique rear and front fascias design. Its grille has got prominent intake slots in vertical position, and these slots have got stain-metallic surface finish. Light weight 19 inches alloy wheels are smartly designed to wear all-season tires nicely. This car models is more likely a Japanese and German sedans with its rear spoiler and rocker panel extensions. We are glad to inform you that summer rubber with high performance can be an option in its all-season tires.

Exterior of this car model has got neat and clean design style and body structure. Its aerodynamic shape has got confirmation after a lot of experiments performed on wind tunnel to ensure better action against air drag. Thus the engineers and designers of Buick became successful to make it highly efficient with better fuel economy. Look at the curved body lining up, it is really maintained with world class standard.

Although front fascia design is as like other old releases, Buick has upgraded this car model with both exterior and interior designing which can be separated from image views. High quality headlights provided with this car model are capable of covering larger distance at night. Most interesting matter is that side lights included just beside the headlights are almost hidden. Top quality mirrors can give clear back side obstacle views.

More surprises are waiting in its interior decoration. From press it is clear that this car model is featured with highly cushioned comfortable seats, leather coated steering wheel and smooth braking and so on. Improved audio elements can be a great part to make long journeys enjoyable. Buick has also given top priority to its safety features. Overall combination seems really cool and we hope to get a reliable and secured journey with this new sporty.

2012 Regal GS is a compact sporty, and it can provide seating space for four people. Not sure about its pricing but we can expect its range in affordable limits.

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