Brussels Auto Salon 2010 :Successful for Rolls-Royce

Brussels Auto Salon 2010 :Successful for Rolls-Royce

The lounge car has already closed several days for the car brands and it’s time to make the final payment. Rolls-Royce announced that it has sold five cars during the past salon, a good result.

Almost the entire lineup of Rolls-Royce was found in Brussels. A sedan for the businessman with driver, a cabrio for those with hair in the wind will drive the new Ghost, The slip of the luxury brand. All these cars are very luxurious and naturally come to nothing in terms of power short. This is a custom of BMW V12 are more than excellent job. Depending on the version you have and a little 500pk much torque, which is also necessary in a 2400kg car.

As befits a true Rolls you have some nice features in this magnificent limousines. This keeps the wheel covers always right, so everyone at all times to the wheels that you can see a car of two hundred thousand euros and more rides. Also you get the Spirit of Ecstasy guardian along, which ascends from the nose when starting the engine. When you need to help keep rain, so there is an umbrella hidden in the doors and instead of a tachometer, you have a power reserve meter which shows how much power is left.

In the past Rolls Royce Motor Show took 3 for new buyers Ghost, 1 for the Phantom Drophead Coupe and 1 person bought the Phantom Coupe. No driver is for the latter, because the victim appears to us privately to the wheel of this battleship. Gross final result is therefore to 1,600,000 euros in income, unless they also maintain favorable living conditions, but it would surprise me.

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