BMW's luxury sedan M5 - Too luxurious to buy

BMW’s luxury sedan M5 – Too luxurious to buy

The German car manufacturer BMW- the brand in making luxury cars is now making its presence felt in India too. They along with Volkswagen, Mercedes etc, have history in making the luxury based sports cars. After conquering entire world’s attention and gaining the respect of other countries BMW is now eyeing India as the most popular automobile market. BMW has presently only 24 dealerships in India but now they are going to add 16 more to take their total to 40.

Recently in the exhibition where a lot of manufacturers unveiled their latest models in the Indian market, the BMW too launched its super car, the luxury sedan M5. The car is available in 7colors like Black sapphire, Indianapolis red, Alpine white etc. The BMW Sedan M5 is a 4 seater car with 4.4liter V8 Engine, 10 cylinder car that is strong enough to produce 560Bhp of power and 680 NM of torque. However the weight of the car is 90kgs more than its previous model. The one of the fastest sedan was launched amidst of all other passenger cars. Its wheelbase is around 2964mm; its length, width and height are 4910mm, 1892mm and 1451mm respectively. The car has m-differential lock feature that gives driving stability to the car. The car flaunts the super luxury based sports car, class and performance.

It gives mileage of about 6.8kmpl in the city and about 10 on the highways. The capacity of its fuel tank is about 70litres of petrol in its tank. It has 7-speed dual clutch based transmission, so it is capable of hitting 0-60 mph in just 4.4secs. The thing that catches every one’s attention is that you can change the gears without the using of clutch.

Because of its powerful engine it can attain a maximum speed of 155kmph. The car is priced at 95.9 lakhs which is too high but this car is not for normal people. This car suite high profile people and it is regarded as a good one in a business suit. The BMW Sedan M5 also promises to cut down CO2 emissions by 25% which makes it greenhouse friendly car.

Keeping people’s safety in mind the makers provide deformation zone in the front and rear bumpers that gives safety to the car. The car has air bags for driver and passengers. The car also has child safety door lock feature, anti theft alarm, collapsible steering etc. The car comes with a 3 year warranty.

The interiors of the car are elegant enough and completely provide comfort to the occupants. It has a leather wrapped steering and gear shift knob and leather trimmed seats.

Well the car gets good reviews from the media and experts and can be used in day to day services because of its powerful engine and fuel efficiency. But due to its very high price, only high profile people can be the occupants of this car, the car is out of reach of middle class and lower class people in India.

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