BMW unveils its latest 2 Series Convertible at Paris Auto Show

Last month in Paris, BMW finally unveiled the third model of their 2 series collection in Paris Motor Show. This convertible joins rank of already unveiled 2 series Active Tourer and 2 series Coupe models. BMW hope to reach grab maximum attention and wish to top the sales of the previous convertible. The 1st generation convertible sold more than one hundred and thirty thousand units.

As per reports you will get an option of four engine models available for this second generation convertible. First engine option which you will get is petrol 220i which produces an output of 184 horsepower. Second model is 228i petrol engine which produces an output of 245 horsepower. Third model is a diesel engine, 220d which produces an output of 190 horsepower. Fourth and the latest model is a convertible variant, M235i which produces an output of 326 horsepower.

Apart from that lots of new technologies have been utilised in this car to make it fuel efficient, more powerful and comfortable. This car is also comparatively bigger and more aerodynamic in design when compared to its predecessor.

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