BMW Reveal Official pricing for Australia

BMW Reveal Official pricing for Australia

If you happen to have $300,000 ready at hand and the desire to buy fast cars, what would you like to get? Most certainly not an electric car, right! Well, think again, as this is exactly what the latest BMW i8 Supercar will cost in Australia.

Well, to help grasp the current condition of Australia’s supercar market, here is a quick insight into where other popular vehicles are placed. A McLaren 650S will set you back by $441,500, Lamborghini Huracan by $428,000 and an Aston Martin Rapide by $371,000.

BMW has placed a $299,000 price tag, which makes their i8, one of the costliest supercars of Australia. If you think these figures are high, wait till you hear what a Ferrari 458 Speciale usually goes for! If you are guessing something around $550,000, congratulations on the right number, if not, you should step back into reality. For more automotive updates, come back soon.

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