BMW Plans on Showcasing the M4 Early Next Year

BMW Plans on Showcasing the M4 Early Next Year

If you were wondering when BMW planed on launching the new M Series performance lineup, you need not worry any more, as the company has just unveiled the BMW M4 at the Concours d’Elegance, being held at Pebble Beach, California this week. Although this vehicle is quite like any other concept, it has a few upgrades as compared to its predecessor, in terms of visual modifications apart from performance enhancements.

The final version of the car is expected to be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show fall January 2014 and it is evident that the designing team at BMW has enhanced the exterior of the car by a few notches. Some of the visual enhancements viewed from the images at Pebble Beach clearly show redesigned alloyed rims, protruding wheel arches, modified front and rear bumpers along with protruding air vents.

Overall, this vehicle is expected to be better aerodynamically and will provide better air flow in and around the exterior panels. The car has also been designed exclusively as a performance vehicle and as a result there can be no doubt about BMW using either a completely new power train or a hugely modified power train. The body is composed mainly out of reinforced plastic and carbon fiber while a smaller spoiler has been added to the rear section of the car.

20 inch rims have been used as standard on the car while the exhaust tips are made out of carbon fiber. The new carbon ceramic disk brakes are also a potent addition although the traditionalists should forgive BMW just this once as the new M4 is unlike any of the vehicles manufactured by BMW in the past. The car has its unique features which distinguishes it from its predecessors or cousins.

BMW has confirmed that the sedan version of the car will sport the M3 tagline although both vehicles feature the practical four door body design. BMW also claims that both the M3 and the M4 should be available across showrooms by the middle of 2014 although their drive train specifications are yet to be revealed. This is the biggest mystery regarding the M lineup at the moment.

However experts believe that the M4 could be powered by a completely new engine lineup known as the S55. This 3.0 liter engine block could be used in the 335i and the 435i although this is not part of official news. BMW does not manufacture standalone engines anymore and as a result the new engine should feature a turbo charger. Experts believe that the general power displacement figure from the engine should be close to 400 – 450 BHP although BMW is yet to affirm.
The new cars are expected to be both rear wheel driven and this should guarantee general high power ratings. With the latest turbo charger, the power displacement is expected to be similar to that of the six cylindered non turbo charged engines. As a result the cars are expected to be more fuel and environment efficient.

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