BMW plans a new M series performance upgrades for its vehicles

BMW plans a new M series performance upgrades for its vehicles

BMW has recently announced the upgrade to its popular 2.0 liter common rail diesel engine lineup of engines featuring the M performance lineup. The lineup was showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2012 and is available on the 320d, 120d and the 520d. The new engine features a new intercooler system apart from a bigger turbo charger and hence the resultant of the massive diesel engines has been improved.

The new engine produces 197 BHP and 310 ft lb of torque from the previous 181 BHP and 280 ft lb of torque. Much of the specifications of the engine is not being disclosed as of yet but BMW plans on announcing the necessary details post November.

The extended power kit accelerates the car from 0 – 60 mph in a shorter while than the previous engine – official tests have not been done as of yet – and BMW claims that the improvement of a whole second is possible from the engine upgrade. The new upgrade will however not have any adverse effect on the mileage or Co2 emission of the vehicle and the upgrade is totally factory fitted. Hence, the parts are included in the warranty.

BMW on the other hand is planning an few more engine upgrades on other vehicles like the 335i and the vehicles are set to complement the existing M performance lineup. The exterior modification on the vehicle includes a series of minor upgrades, the most prominent of which are the rear grille, the ducts sill foliations and the new paint scheme.

The vehicles from BMW will also undergo enhanced aerodynamic upgrades and some of the vehicles which are set to benefit from the scheme are the 5 series, 3 series and the 1 series. Apart from the engine upgrade, BMW has announced a new drive train upgrade kit for the 3 series and 1 series vehicles.

The kit consists of front and rear dampers, an all new 345 mm disk brake with enhanced piston calipers for both the front and rear brakes. Apart from these, the vehicle also features a stiff suspension system which improves the cornering ability of the vehicle apart from making the vehicle more stable and comfortable.

The car – although a cabrio – features great maneuverability and the handling is mainly credit to the change in the drive train whose initial response has been astonishing. Moreover, the power to weight ratio on the vehicle is perfect for the M performance kit to handle and BMW is set to showcase the upgraded vehicles in 2013.

The engine is the happiest when revved hard and the wants to be pushed top its limits at all times. However, the low gear rev helps the vehicle to be controlled in city traffic and this monster is happy to cruise along the freeways whenever you please.

The M performance lineup is the best performance upgrade that any BMW vehicle has received till date and the innovation has done a lot of good for BMW itself. The announcement was made a few months back and inquiries have been flooding since.

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