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BMW Motorrad To Launch X2 City Model

BMW Motorrad will bring to the market the X2 City electric kick-scooter, at a price below 2,500 euros, by the end of the year.
With a maximum speed of 25 km / h and an electric range between 25 and 35 kilometers, the BMW Motorrad X2 City is predestined to fight congested urban traffic. X2 City is classified in Germany as “Pedelec25”, which does not require a helmet, or a driving license for people aged 14 or over.

The BMW Motorrad X2 City is the result of cooperation between BMW Motorrad and ZEG, with its brands Kettler, Bulls, Pegasus, Hercules and others. Appropriately, the electric kick-scooter is not distributed through the dealers of the BMW Motorrad network, but through some bicycle stores and the online store KETTLER Alu-Rad GmbH. The service and warranty process is also managed by bicycle dealers. This sales channel allows BMW Motorrad to have access to a new target audience beyond conventional motorcycle segments.

Thanks to the reduced weight of only 20 kg and the folding control unit, the BMW Motorrad X2 City can easily be stored in the trunk of a small class car.
The operating unit on the handlebars offers five speeds (8, 12, 16, 20 and 25 km / h). For safety reasons, the power of the electric motor is only activated when a speed of 6 km / h is reached. Electric propulsion can be deactivated at any time by using the switch on the brake lever, thus interrupting any electrical support.

A 408 Wh lithium-ion battery provides power to the electric motor. It is arranged in a housing resistant to rain and splashes and is integrated into a framework which can be removed easily. A battery management system with integrated power electronics ensures the range of 25 to 35 km in everyday use.

A specific charging unit with magnetic connector allows for easy charging by using the external charging socket on the kick-scooter or directly on the battery itself. The battery is charged from a conventional household outlet and it takes about 2.5 hours to charge it from scratch.

Also, the rigid frame ensures maneuverability. For secure braking, the front and rear wheels are equipped with powerful brake discs. The front and rear brake levers can be adjusted individually. The pilot can increase the dynamics and intensity of the brake response by changing its center of gravity. A brake light, which is integrated in the stoplights, informs the ones behind when braking.

Quality components have been used in accordance with the premium quality requirements of BMW Motorrad. The powertrain that also includes lithium-ion battery has a 48-month warranty and is provided by Marquardt. The lights come from Supernova and the brakes from Magura. Of course, all safety and lighting systems comply with the Road Traffic Authorization (STVZO) Regulation for legal use.

The very low running platform and the telescopic function of the kick-scooter handlebar stem ensure perfect ergonomics. In this way, people with a height of between 1.60 and 1.90 meters will be able to use the BMW Motorrad X2 City in a safe and comfortable way.

The generous equipment and wheel protectors (front and rear) stop dirt and splashes. It is therefore possible to use the BMW Motorrad X2 City even when the roads are wet without any special protective equipment. An integrated micro-USB connection in the display/operation unit charges the smartphone from the lithium-ion battery while traveling.

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