BMW M135 strikingly similar to the 116i

BMW has been a big name in the automobile industry right from the beginning. The company has produced some fine cars over the years. They have managed to combine comfort with speed so beautifully and so consistently that they have made a mark in the automobile market.

There have been many great releases from BMW in the recent past. One of the latest releases from the company is the M135. Right from the beginning the car has been compared to the 116I. some say that the new BMW 135 looks like the 116i with an M badge and it is hard to notice any difference from the looks of the car. There have been rumors that the car is also strikingly similar to the 116i from the insides as well.

However, the new BMW M135 brings a load of new features to the market. Right from the exterior designing of the car, which is somewhat to the 116i, but has some subtle changes, to the power train and the multimedia features in the interior of the car are all appealing enough.

The first thing to notice about any new car is the engine of the car. The engine is the most important aspect in deciding the fate of the car. The engine fitted inside the hood of the new BMW M135 is a twin scroll turbocharged engine with capacity of 3 litres the engine is front mounted and comes with rear wheel drive option. The engine comes with inline sixes and a neat twin nostril led nose.

The power output of the engine is impressive. However, it has been constantly compared with the power output of the 116i and the M135i. The engine fitted in the new BMW M135 is capable of producing 235 kW or 320 horsepower and 450 Nm of power.

The engine is supported by some world class transmission and suspension system. The car uses independent front and rear suspension. The new BMW M135 uses an eight speed automatic transmission system or a six speed manual transmission system. Both the options are available with a change in price of the car. With this configuration the car can achieve high speeds. The time taken by the car to go to 100 kilometres per hour from 0 kilometres per hour is a little less than five second, which is very impressive. The car also has good fuel efficiency.

The dimensions of the car support the engine nicely. The new BMW M135 is 4324 mm in length, 1421 mm in height and 1765 in width. The wheel base of the car is 2690 mm. The car weighs in at 1425 kg. The only disadvantage of these dimensions is that the car lacks in boot space. The car has 18 inch alloy wheels.
The car is up to date in terms of safety features. All the standard safety features like passenger and curtain air bags have been included in the car, and some additional security features are provided. It is all in all a good buy.

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