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BMW i3 And i8 Get Garage Italia Crossfade Concepts

Along with the X2 concept, the BMW stands at the Paris Motor Show hosted the presentation of two models at least as interesting – the BMW i3 and BMW i8 Garage Italia Crossfade.

These cars are in the concept stage and lead us into the world of artistic “fireworks” thought up by the Italians from Garage Italia Customs.
Together with the BMW Group Design those from Garage Italia Customs had imagined two cars totally special. The main feature that catches the eye is the way the color on the bodywork is applied, based on so-called “pointillist” current which made its debut in painting in the late nineteenth century. Both models presented in Paris will have serial descendants. The models which are to be sold will have an exterior design derived from these concepts.

The design of the concepts that are presented in Paris was inspired by optical color combination, a technique already used in pointillism at the end of the nineteenth century, a style of painting started in France by artists like Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. This painting technique involves creating designs using small touches of color evenly distributed. Because neighboring colors are not blended, but mix in the perception of the viewer, it creates a very intense glow.

While the i3 shows vertical stripes, on the i8 model horizontal stripes are applied. The special cars have been made in cooperation with the Italians from the Garage Italia Customs, a tuner that normally deals with cars from Fiat-Chrysler, but it seems like BMW’s cars do an excellent job too.

On the surface of the BMW i8 Garage Italia crossfade bodywork, the transition of color is defined consistently between metallized Protonic Blue and metallized Protonic Dark Silver, which are used to highlight the contours of lines and of surfaces. Moreover, the forms in which the paint was applied are triangular, which has led to more dynamism.

They used a complex painting process, during which the metallized Protonic Blue color of the car was initially covered with a pellicle template. In this way it was possible that the desired geometric model to be created with very high accuracy when the second coat of paint, metallized Protonic Dark Silver, was applied.

Meanwhile, the inside follows the exterior design of the BMW i8 Garage Italia crossfade with a smooth transition from the dark silver color of the front part to the pure blue in the back, imprinted on Alcantara fabric, which now covers the central tunnel, the side panels and the ceiling upholstery. The structure of interior and the seats in Foglizzo Protonic Blue leather and perforated Alcantara is effectively accentuated by the contrasting colors.

In the case of the BMW i3 Garage Italia crossfade the color transition is done vertically. So, the blue level decreases as it rises to merge with the black hue of the roof and hood. The smooth transition is created through a transparent film printed with colored circular shapes.

The distinctive color schem reflected in the interior where high quality textile surfaces and Alcantara further emphasizes the premium character of the car.
Garage Italia Customs is not at its first adventure together with BMW, the summer of 2016 marking the presentation of a model at least as spectacular, the BMW i8 “Futurism Edition”.

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