BMW at CES 2017

BMW is shaping the future of mobility with revolutionary solutions and innovations in terms of technology, in areas such as human-machine interface, autonomous driving, smart connectivity, and interior design.

In the 2017 edition of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas between January 5-8 , BMW presented a range of new products and services that will underpin a radical change in mobility in the very near future. An interior vision has also been disclosed, whose architecture and user interface are adapted for fully autonomous driving. BMW presented at CES innovations in the fields of design, technology and functionality, and highlights the leadership role of the company over several years – through its program ConnectedDrive – in terms of “connected” driving.

Through ConnectedDrive, BMW has been a pioneer in facilitating the expanded access into automobiles for online communication and infotainment functions. In the spring of 2016, BMW provided a digital platform – BMW Connected – through which the customers could access not only their own BMW, but also a variety of devices outside the car. This allows for mobility planning to be integrated seamlessly into the users’ digital lives, supporting them both on the road and in other areas of daily life.

The BMW Connected and Open Mobility Cloud Concepts have been presented for the first time at CES 2016. Shortly after, in March 2016 it was launched in the US market. Since August 2016, the BMW Connected is available for a number of countries in Western Europe, and China has completed the trio in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Another system which was presented by BMW at the previous edition of CES, which came to the market in record time, is a research application, Remote 3D View. By combining the driver assistance system Surround View with BMW Connected connectivity facilities, this system enables three-dimensional visualization of the car and its surroundings, which is then transmitted through the mobile data connection to the driver’s smartphone.
The service, which allows drivers to monitor the parked car any time, regardless of location, will be launched into production in February 2017 with the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, and is available for a selected number of countries along with BMW Connected app.

Intelligent connectivity, aka BMW Connected, turns the car and mobile devices in touchpoints for Open Mobility Cloud. At CES 2017 BMW presented digital services that will allow drivers of future autonomous cars to optimize the way they plan their daily lives. Such a feature allows drivers extensive access to information about places or buildings that seen along the route. Information can be selected using BMW Augmented Gesture Control – a new form of gesture control – showing a certain building, for example.

The connected driving experience will be enhanced by intelligent voice control. The system introduced at CES 2017 uses a Cortana (from Microsoft) variant for automobiles. This means that the Voice control facilities already offered by Microsoft Cortana on a home computer or smartphone could be available in the future aboard a BMW car.

BMW HoloActive Touch is the latest chapter in the story that began with BMW iDrive, and presents the most sophisticated approach by BMW for the future of control and display technology in a car. It is a fully functional system that combines a holographic display system inside the car, with a haptic feedback system for interacting with the virtual image which uses ultrasound. The image is generated by a technology very similar to a Head-up Display system, but now is projected inside the vehicle.

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